Bong County: Sanoyea District Paramount ‘Pleased’ with Reinstatement


Bong County – Sanoyea District paramount chief Moses Kaine on Tuesday said he was happy to be back at work, after he was reinstated by Internal Affairs minister, Varney Sirleaf.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

Kaine was among five chiefs dismissed by Bong County superintendent Esther Walker.

Madam Walker didn’t disclose why those chiefs were dismissed but her action came barely a month after Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor warned chiefs to join the ruling CDC or risks being fired.

But Minister Sirleaf urged Bong County superintendent Esther Walker to reinstate dismissed chiefs and reverse to status quo.

In an interview with FrontPage Africa, an upbeat Kaine said: “I am happy to be back to work. I want to use this occasion to say thanks to Minister Sirleaf and members of the Bong legislative caucus for reinstating us.”

Kaine said he remains supportive to President George Weah’s agenda to develop Liberia and will do nothing to undermine the agenda of the president in Sanoyea district.

“This is my life, with all the accomplishments. I want to work for the President and citizens of Sanoyea District. I will help President Weah in achieving his goals.

“This is not just a career to me; I hold it close to my heart. I have worked hard to get to where I am today.”

He added the challenge was uniting citizens of Sanoyea district and making sure that they worked collectively.

“The essence of collective effort should not be lost in petty squabbles. Let us work together because it is everyone’s responsibility, not just mine.”

“I am fine with it, there is no bad blood. The matter has been dealt with now,” said Kaine.