Bong County Petitions Representative Prince Moye For Re-election


Gbarnga, Bong County – Citizens of Electoral District #2, Bong County on Saturday endorsed the candidacy of Representative Prince Moye for his re-election in October 2017 legislative.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

The citizens said just as they did five years ago when they endorsed the lawmaker as representative for electoral district two because he had the best credentials, they are doing the same considering his excellent performance over the years.

One of the lawmaker’s biggest achievements in office took place two years into his tenure when he procured a pathfinder jeep and subsequently launched a “mobile health” team in the district to timely respond to citizens who fall sick in hard-to-reach communities.

“Rep. Moye, five years ago we petitioned you in Gbarnga because we felt you had the best credential and today we are petitioning you because we still feel you are the best man to lead our district,” David Karchue, one of the petitioners said.

The citizens added that Rep. Moye has fulfilled all his promises by constructing several roads including Mano-Wainsue and Toloma roads, the payment tuition aids to students, the construction and renovation of schools among others.

The petitioners said the leadership of Rep. Moye has also empowered women as thousands of them have received daily saving loans through the Nancy Moye Foundation. Some of these women are now self-employed.

Moye’s constituents, among others things, emphasized that based on the strength of his achievements, the lawmaker deserves a second term “because everyone is a witness to the total transformation which he has brought about in the center of excellence.”

The petitioners expressed the readiness of all citizens of the district to mobilize themselves, reiterating that they are all behind him.

While responding, Rep. Moye expressed his gratitude for the public display of support and acknowledged the important role being played by citizens in the district.

He added that his representation understands the problems confronting citizens and is always ready to provide basic answers to solving problems.

The petitioners later presented garlands to Rep. Moye symbolizing their support which was adoption by constituents. The occasion also witnessed rich cultural displays by locals who traditional dancers.

His supporters say, the 42-year-old lawmaker has won near-celebrity status in Bong County for transforming his district as lawmaker by commissioning over forty people-centered projects since his ascendency as lawmaker in 2011.

And indeed it has paid off as citizens of the district have and continue to benefit from the initiative.

Why Rep. Moye deserves second term

Rep. Moye continues to upgrade the infrastructure level of the district by massive construction of roads and bridges that link up the entire district.

A tour of the district by our reporter established that the lawmaker’s strides transcend virtually all sectors including education, health and infrastructure.

That he has commissioned more than forty people-centered projects in the district is a statement of fact.

Also, the lawmaker’s sterling performance and tremendous achievements since his ascendency are not hidden. They are visible and verifiable, FPA’s reporter’s tour has established.

They are structures with concrete address and verifiable time-frame of take-off and completion. All these have been duly acknowledged by all and sundry both within and outside the district.

And notwithstanding the heat of electioneering campaigns, the people’s lawmaker is still embarking on more new projects.

Former Bong County Senator Franklin Siakor vowed in 2014 that he would ensure that Rep. Moye doesn’t get re-elected if the lawmaker didn’t support his re-election.

“If Rep. Moye doesn’t support me in 2014 I would ensure he doesn’t get re-elected,” former Senator Siakor said on Radio Gbarnga.

But it seems the former Bong County may now be guilty of what he said owing to the lawmaker’s tremendous influence in the district.

Rep. Moye’s popularity is by far more than Siakor’s thanks to the numerous projects the lawmaker has attracted to the district since 2011.

During Siakor’s six years leadership as senator of the county, district two benefited fewer projects as compared to now. And it is such history that seems to be casting a dark cloud over the re-election of Siakor’s brother – Hezekiah Siakor.

Hezekiah, manager of the Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub, has declared his intention to contest, but with Rep. Moye performing remarkably pundits say Hezekiah, according to pundits, will have to wait  for probably ten years to get the nod from citizens.

Pundits say the popularity of Rep. Moye is a testament of the sinking of the Siakor dynasty that undeservingly led the district.

According to many citizens of electoral district two interviewed by this reporter, Rep. Moye’s achievements gladden people’s hearts and make them feel proud to be natives of the district.

His achievements, the citizens say, are reassuring and indicate truly that the lawmaker is a people-centered person.

This, according to many, can explain why the lawmaker’s performance in his last five years has not escaped the lenses of those in the district and the county as whole.

There is no doubt that Rep. Moye’s road infrastructure is revolutionary.

He has opened up all parts of the district. His is not limited to Foloblai, the district capital. It cuts across all parts of the district.

His compulsory and tuition aid scheme is working, according to citizens.

The lawmaker embarked on the program fully aware that education is the greatest legacy a leader can bequeath its citizens.

With a tuition aid, pundits say the lawmaker has given citizens of the district the best tool to handle existential problems and challenges.

Rep. Moye’s works speak and will campaign for him.

In the past five years, he has proved that he can manage the resources and affairs of the district creditably well, according to citizens.

Rep. Moye, the citizens told FPA in an interview, will therefore be entrusted with another six years to continue to do so.

There is nothing wrong in that, they say.

His achievements are self-evident and they will massively work in his favor during the polls in October, according to Commissioner David Karchue.

The foregoing assertion is further underscored by political analysts’ predictions, the book-makers’ postulations as well as views of majority of citizens in the district.

And everything points to the fact that Rep. Moye holds the ace and that the electorate are bound to return him for a second term in office.