Bong County Murder Suspect Denies Killing Spouse For Food


Monrovia – Moses Porkpah who was recently arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Dorris Nyan, in cow farm Zota District, Bong County has told Police preliminary investigation that he mistakenly shot her.

Porkpah was arrested Sunday evening by the people of Gbarnga Siakulleh after being in the bush for two months.

Porkpah allegedly shot and killed his wife Dories Nyan for reportedly giving him a small portion of the meat she cooked.

In an ongoing police investigation in Monrovia, Porkpah claimed the gun was already loaded and mistakenly fired while returning from hunting in the Cow Farm Community killing his wife instantly.

Given the suspect’s challenge in speaking English during a joint interview Monday, at the Liberia National Police Headquarters, conversation with him was translated from Kpelleh to English by Police Spokesman Sam Collins.

Through the translation done by Mr. Collins, journalists were informed that while he denies intentionally killing the victim Doris for giving him small meat.

However the couples had been experiencing unsettled family problems regarding the deceased’s alleged insistence on coming to her former husband in Monrovia.

In the midst of these unsettled family problems with his wife, the suspect says he had gone hunting and was coming home with some animal in his bag, but did not lock his gun when he approached the town.

Hanging the unlocked gun under his arm and trying to put his load down, suspect Kporkpah claims that the weapon fired and killed his wife whom according to him, was sitting in a gathering. He claims that the incident was not intentional.

The suspect recalls that it all started when a lady from Cow Farm who had travelled to Monrovia, had upon returning to the community, allegedly told his wife Dorris that her old husband wanted her Dorris to go to Monrovia.

Porkpah said based on the information, when he came from hunting in the bush, his wife informed him that she was going to Monrovia.

But he claims that despite immediately reminding his wife that both of them had an agreement that neither of them should go back to their past relationships, the victim went to Monrovia and stayed there for a week before returning to Cow farm.

Already unhappy about Dorris’ stay in Monrovia, suspect Porkpah says the victim, upon returning from Monrovia, still intensified her demand to go back to her old husband in Monrovia instead of living with a hunter with four children and was seen to be doing nothing for her.

Announcing the suspect’s arrest on Monday at the LNP Headquarters, Spokesman Sam Collins said police were informed about the suspect’s action about two months ago, following which they launched a joint security operation to get him apprehended.

While the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) worked with the joint security team assisted by community hunters in Bong County, Mr. Collins says suspect Porkpah absconded the scene and went on a hunting expedition in the bush.

Spokesman Collins says the accused shot two hunters that were helping the joint state security operation, resulting in the leg of one of the victims, Amos Nushai being amputated at the Phebe Hospital as a result of the injury he sustained from the bullets and the other junior Andrews was taken to Guinea by family members for traditional medication.

Citizens of Bong County are calling on the government to ensure Porkpah is speedily tried because of the gravity of the crime.

Suspect Porkpah and victim Dorris were said to have had four children each, whom they combined during their happy days to make a family of eight children.