Assorted Medical Supplies Expected in Liberia-Several Health Centers in Margibi To Benefit


MONROVIA – It has been revealed by the Representative of electoral district #2 in Margibi County, Ivar K. Jones that a consignment of assorted medical supplies is expected in Liberia soon.

Rep. Jones making the disclosure to newsmen in Cotton Tree Lower Margibi recently; said a forty-foot container loaded with close to seven hundred assorted medical materials will arrive in the Country on the 18th or the 25th of February 2020.

He named some of the materials as medical beds, wheels, drugs and laboratory equipment among others. The District two Lawmaker explained that the importation of the container is as the result of his visit to the United States of America through the invitation of a US-Based Liberian organization under the banner the “Association of Firestone Residents in the Americas” (AFIRA) where he was able to build partnerships.

“When we visited the United States of America to represent our people upon an invitation from the group called AFIRA, we were able to engage partners in which upon our return those partners were able to load a forty-foot container of medical supply and we expecting the supply in Country by the 18th latest the 25th of February 2020,” he said.

According to him, all financial payment gear towards getting the container into Liberia and have it released from the Freeport of Monrovia have been made by him.

Rep. Jones further disclosed that he has written the Ministry of Health in order to ascertain a duty-free on the medical supplies on grounds that they are not for sale but will rather be distributed among the various health centers within the District and beyond.

He asserted that several public health facilities such as the Dolo Town Health Center, the Cotton Tree Health Center, the RIA Health Center and the Charlesville Health Center will be supplied.

Hon. Jones noted that what his office has been doing in the District is after serving the public health facilities it sometimes extends hands to private health facilities within the District stating that based on the sufficiency of the supply that is coming they might extend hands to those private health facilities and even beyond.

Meanwhile, the Lawmaker said the gesture is part of one of his campaign manifestos which talk about change and is also intended to buttress the effort of the Government of Liberia in addressing some of the health needs of the citizens.     

Ivar K. Jones mentioned that he came to the political landscape of the District on the basis of change adding, ‘because if you listen to our campaign motto “change must come, together we can” so at the end of the day you do not expect change to come when there is not unity so based upon that we have to do it collectively’.

He stated that one thing his leadership recognized is the improvement of the health sector emphasizing on a communication his office wrote in 2019 informing the central government on the shortage of drugs in Liberia thereby leading to his office purchasing more than US$2,000.00 worth of medical supply distributed to various health facilities coupled with the donation of Fuel to the Charles Henry Rennie Hospital (C.H. Rennie).

The Lawmaker then expressed hope that the distribution of the medical supplies will set the basis for more containers to come to the Country.

In another development, Rep. Jones has disclosed that the project management team of the Association of Firestone Residents in the Americas (AFIRA) is expected in Liberia soon.

He said the team upon arrival in the Country will mobilize for the construction of a modern Library in Cotton Tree to be used by citizens of District two.