9 Men Indicted For Torturing, Gang-Raping Women In Sinoe County Go on Trial Thursday In Buchanan


Buchanan – Legal arguments between the Government of Liberia and Lawyers representing nine defendants indicted for torture and gang rape in Sinoe County are expected to begin Thursday, August 15 at the Second Judicial Circuit in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The Trial jurors have been selected and empanelled and the trial is expected to resume at 9 AM.

Defendants Moses Solo, Jr., Elijah  Karpeh, Sylvester Cherdy, Tweh  Kelgbeh, Sweh Payne, Teah Gmawulu, Victor Solo, Payne Nyan, Anthony Karmo and Marshall Gbala were indicted for publicly striping-naked, parading, torturing and gang-raping three women in Johnny Town,  Normorpo District, Sinoe County.

Willete Nyewallah, one of the women, was secretly buried in a swampland in Johnny town. The women were been accused of practicing witch crafts and their attackers claim the women caused the death of a boy who had gone missing in the area.

The defendants were arrested and indicted during the February A.D., 2019 Term of Court but the case was transferred to Buchanan based on a request for Change of Venue filed by state prosecutors in Sinoe County.

The decision to move the trial to the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court in Buchanan was based on a request by the prosecution, who claim that trying the Defendants in Greenville could spark up local prejudice that could have the propensity to thwart justice.

Prior to the arraignment of the defendants, the prosecution laywers led by Cllr. Wesseh Alphonsus Wesseh, Assistant Minister for Litigation of the Ministry of Justice, entered a plea to drop charges against three defendants due to lack of sufficient evidence. The three co-defendants are Marshall Gballa, Anthony karmo and Swen Pyne.

Meanwhile the rest were arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the multiple indictments thereby joining issues with the Republic of Liberia.

The Defendants are represented by a team of Public Defendant led by Cllr. Paul Jarven of the Public Defense office of Grand Bassa County.