‘Worst Shock’: UBA CEO Describes GT Bank Orugun’s Death


Monrovia – Mrs. Chioma Mang outgoing Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the United Bank of Africa branch in Liberia has described as the worst shocking experience the miserable death of Dan Orugun former Managing Director of the Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank).

Mr. Orogun, a Nigerian national died in Monrovia following a boating incident off the Robertsfield Highway.

Mr. Orogun, a banker with more than 20 year-experience had gone at the waterside resort to hang out with friends and was on a boat when he reportedly fell over.

Eyewitnesses say several attempts to rescue Mr. Orogun was unsuccessful. Mr. Orogun is credited with setting up GT Bank in Liberia’s next door neighbours, Sierra Leone before moving to Liberia to get the bank started there.

At an honouring dinner held in her honour of Mrs. Mang, she called on bankers in Liberia to build a stronger banking sector by working together.

While reflecting on the death of Orogun, Mrs. Mang said the incident was her worse ever experience in the country.

Mrs. Chioma   has worked in Liberia as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the United Bank Africa for five years. Her five years of service in Liberia seems not to have gone unnoticed not only by people who worked with her but by those in the Country’s banking sector.

In Liberia she was the only female banker at the level of the Bankers Association. It is not only her gender as the only female that brought her respect according to some of her colleagues but her service in the LBA where she served as Vice President of the Association.

On Friday at a local hotel in Monrovia, the Bankers Association under the guidance of its President John B. Davies held an honouring dinner in honour of their colleague who is taking assignment in another country.

Mr. Davies in remarks said, working with the outgoing UBA boss at the level of the Bankers Association was a great experience.

According to Davies, the sector was able to achieve many things some of which he said include; collaboration in sharing of ideas and the process of naming and shaming of delinquent creditors.

Davies said: “We thank you for your role in making some of these things achievable. Your advice, experience and expertise have helped shift all of us and helped us be more responsive to our responsibilities. On behalf of the Liberia Bankers Association we wish you all the best in your new assignment.”

She said, all her years working in Liberia she and other colleagues she worked with had a goal to make Liberia banking sector better than none and asked her successor to follow suit in moving the organization forward.

“I will never get over Liberia and I ask you that you continue your good work and support the incoming MD,” she said.

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