VISA Card Fraud Hits UBA-Bank Instituting Security Measures


Monrovia – In the wake of complaints from some customers of the United Bank Africa, specifically Visa card holders that their cards and accounts are being accessed by unauthorized individuals in Asia, Europe and America the Bank says it has put in security measures.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected]

Over last few weeks, there have been complaints from some customers of the bank that unauthorized individuals are accessing their bank accounts and making withdrawals.

Ms. Jefyne Togba, Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Service, for UBA Liberia told a FrontPageAfrica inquiry that the bank is taking several measures to protect its customers from fraudulent activities:

Ms Togba said: “Cards are disabled in countries that have higher rates of fraud.

“In order for the cards to work in that country the customer has to submit notice to the bank in writing to enable the cards for use. Our IT Risk team monitors account activity and immediately notifies customer when there is any suspicious activity as well as blocks the card until the customer confirms”. 

She added: “When a customer complains of fraud on the account it is immediately logged for investigation if the customer is not at fault they are refunded for the full amount.

However, if a customer compromises their card details by using a website that is not secure, or giving their card number out to 3rd parties the bank will not be held liable.” 

Ms. Togba promised that the bank has taken several measures to ensure the security of its customers and will continue to do so. 

In response to claims that  the bank is delaying in repaying people who are victims of fraud she said, the complaints have been forwarded to VISA international, the entity she said is the governing body for visa to do investigation and if it is reported that the claims are due to fault from the bank, bank will pay.