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Senator Sando Johnson Accuses Businessman of Being ‘Fraudulent’

Senator Johnson and businessman Cooper have been embroiled in counter allegations in recent months

Monrovia – Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson is alleging that James Cooper, a Liberian businessman in the production of rubber, is a scandalous businessman. An allegation, the businessman has denied.

Report By Al Varney Rogers / [email protected]

Cooper runs a Rubber Processing Plant and he is the only Liberia exporting processed rubber. He is now aiming to jump into manufacturing of retreaded tires, rubber gloves and other rubber made materials.

But Senator Johnson claims the businessman is using the rubber processing setup to dubbed banks and investors, something he claims will ruin the chances of several Liberians entrepreneurs if not curb.

Johnson said as the Chair on Investment in the Liberian Senate, it is his duty to stop anybody creating bad image for the country.

“If we found out a Liberian Company or foreign businessmen who has come in the country to extort money, we will stop you, we will expose you,” Johnson said.

He recalled that when he first visited Cooper farm in Bomi County he was excited.

“I was impressed when I saw his setup, he needed loan, I took him to Liberian Enterprise Development Finance Company (LEDFC) and they were able to obtain loan through my influence,” Johnson said.

The Bomi County Senator disclosed that he was instrumental in assisting Cooper to get loan and technical assistance for his rubber-processing factory.

“I help him with the hope he was serious, later did I realize that Mr. Cooper was involve in dubbing people,” he said.

Johnson claimed Cooper has defaulted on two loans and was attempting to take another one, which he was halted.

“LEDFC (Liberia Enterprise Development Finance Company) gave him the money it was mismanage; he went back and got one million from the rubber stimulus package through LBDI, less than a year, he decided to apply for US$7.2 million to the Central Bank. He toke one million from the rubber stimulus funds and he didn’t pay, when I hear he wanted 7 millions I said hell no there are other Liberians that deserve it,” Johnson explained.

“I told the former governor to put halt to this payment, I said he’s not a serious businessman, this will give the country a bad image those money that are coming for the private sector but if we do not pay this money, this could hunt the country in the future.”  

This paper called and texted LEDFC and LBDI to independently verified the allegation made by the Senator but there was no response up to press time.

Cooper recently released a recording on Senator Johnson alleging that the lawmaker was demanding bribe from a loan deal

But Cooper, who told FPA he is out of the country on a medical trip, denied all the allegations levied against him by the lawmaker. He promised to make documentarty evidence available to the media upon his arrival as means of refuting the allegations by the Bomi County Senator.

Meanwhile, the Bomi County Senator has clarified that he is not against the growth of Liberian businesses but added that he will not allow fraudulent business to get away.

Johnson said “Cooper can say whatever he wants” but he will not get another loan until he can account for the money given him.

“I have done just that, I have no regret, he can say whatever he wants to say, he can get all the recordings. I will ensure he doesn’t get the seven million; I’m interest in the growth of Liberians business,” Johnson said.

“We got to warn whoever doing business with this man and that person may dump their money here and nothing could come out of it,” Johnson said.