Liberian Telecommunications Authority, Postal Ministry Commend Orange GSM


Monrovia – The heads of the Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA) and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications have both commended the Board and Management team of Orange Liberia for its investments and commitment to vigorously expanding telecommunications in Liberia.  

The pair made the commendation at programs marking the official ribbon cutting and dedication of the company’s new corporate headquarters and primary store on capital Bypass.

Addressing the gathering after the ribbon cutting, the Chairman of the LTA Madam Angelique Weeks praised Orange for being a company that focuses on the masses.  

She observed: “Orange appeals to the masses.  “

“That is your niche.  You make telecommunications possible for all economic stratus.  

The poorest woman or man out there needs telecommunications and you make it possible. You have focused on the common man.”   

She elaborated that this was true not only because of the company’s pro poor tariff, but also because she observed that the company had brought in new devices and smartphones to meet all income groups. 

“When I look at the prices in your show case, it is clear to me that the price points are right and there is a smart device for all Liberians.”

She went on to admonish the GSM Company to live up to its promise to expand and provide nationwide coverage. 

“Live up to your promise and provide nationwide coverage.  

There are too many places in Liberia that does not have coverage,” said Weeks.  

The Minister of Post and Telecom Honorable Dr. Frederick B. Norkeh reiterated Madam Weeks’ call noting: “I know you are heading in that direction.   I hope you will take the lead to ensure our entire country is connected.” 

He went on to call on Liberians to support the new network. 

“I want to urge Liberians to support orange for what they are doing.   In a very short time, the impression you are giving us is very impressive,” Dr. Norkeh said. 

In response, Orange’s Deputy CEO for African and the Middle East Mr. Bruno Mettling thanked the LTA boss and the Minister of Post and Telecom for gracing the occasion and promised that as long as Liberia maintained a stable tax structure, his company would invest heavily in infrastructure and would continue to fast track efforts to ensure nationwide telecommunications with specific emphasis on data. 

“Our plan is to invest around 30% of our profits to improve our infrastructure.”

“This is a goal that we have made and that we will hold steadfast to, but we can only commit to this and implement it our projections are stable,” said Mettling.

The ribbon cutting for the headquarters was attended by a host of dignitaries including the French Ambassador accredited to Liberia.