Liberia: TipMe, Petro Trade Filling Station Sign Agreement for Customers to Purchase Petroleum Products Using E-money System

Reindorf Haligah, the Sell Manager of TipMe explains the importance of using the TipMe cashless system to purchase petroleum products from Petro Trade

Monrovia – TipMe, an electronic payment service provider, has signed an agreement with one of Liberia’s renowned petroleum dealer, Petro Trade, to enable customers to purchase petroleum products using the TipMe cashless system.

The electronic payment service provider was launched in September 2020 to provide individuals and businesses access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs.

Since then, people have been able to purchase, send money to their relatives and love ones using the TipMe cashless system. The agreement signed with the Petro Trade filling station is seen to be a boost to customers’ service.

Tomelia T. Johns is the Petro Trade filling Station Manager at Vomoma, one of Petro Trade filling stations around the country. Before signing the agreement with TipMe, Madam Johns told customers to feel free and use their TipMe cashless system to all of their filling stations.

“To our customers, we have TipMe to all of our filling stations in and around Liberia. You can now make use of your TipMe cashless system and purchase any of our petroleum products,” Madam Johns said.

Reindorf Haligah is the Sales Manager of TipMe. He said the agreement signed by TipMe and Petro Trade will enable customers to purchase petroleum products without stress.

“As of today, you can go to all Petro Trade filling stations, and TipMe is now accepted. If you do not have cash on you, you do not have to worry. The time you will take to go to the ATM or probably go somewhere to look for money before you pay for petroleum at a filling station, the time is now that you do not have to worry about all these things. TipMe has made it so easy,” he said.

He added: “All you need to do is make sure you have a TipMe app if you do not have the app yet; all I can is, go and download the TipMe app on the Google play store. Make sure you sign up and put your information in and you will have your customer identification number to all of Petro Trade filling stations.”