Liberia: Orange Zagga Winners Enjoy Shopping Spree


Monrovia – The first daily winners of the Orange Liberia Zagga Christmas promotion were at the Harbel Supermarket branch of ELW Junction over the weekend to participate in the Zagga Christmas shopping spree cart race. Each of the lucky winners had one minute (two minutes if they had also done a transaction via Orange Money, which was the case for two of them) to race down the supermarket isles and collect whatever items they could place into their shopping carts.  The winners individually walked away with hundreds of US Dollars in groceries and other assorted item.

Orange Liberia launched the new Zagga Christmas promotion last week at a major press conference.   The campaign has multiple prize opportunities for subscribers who recharge.    Through the Zagga Christmas promotion, Orange Liberia subscribers who recharge at least $1 during the week stand a chance of being one of five daily winners every week.   The daily winners are given one minute each or two minutes if they used Orange Money in addition to recharging, to load as much groceries as they can place in the shopping cart. 

In addition to the daily winners, there is also a weekly winner who walks away with LRD 500,000 simply by recharging at least $1 or 1 million LRD if they used Orange Money for any transaction in addition to recharging the same week. Chief Sales Officer Mr. Isaac Muthama announced that the competition would culminate in a grand prize winner in December who would walk away with LRD 2.5 million or LRD 5 million if they had recharged and used Orange Money every week throughout the eight-week competition. 

Although five winners were called on radio by Orange, only three showed up at the supermarket on Saturday morning. These first three winners of the shopping cart race were David B. Carter, Mohammed M. Koroma and Angel Boakai. At the end of the race, each winner expressed thanks and gratitude to Orange for organizing yet another promotion that benefits and brings joy to customers. Mr. Koroma notably said, grabbing a packet of spaghettis in his loaded cart: “Look, in these pro-poor times, only this packet would have made me happy. But today, Orange allowed me to fully load this cart for free! I have my rice, oil, mayonnaise and much more for the weeks to come. I want to thank Orange and encourage all customers to recharge $1 and use Orange Money like I did.” Ms. Betty Flahn, Communications manager at Orange, closed this joyful event by inviting customers to stay tuned and discover live on radio and social media who will be the first weekly winner this coming Wednesday, 24th of October. It is expected that close to LRD 10 million dollars in prizes will be given away during the campaign.