Liberia: Commerce Ministry Crave Citizens’ Support to Crackdown on Unscrupulous Businesses


MONROVIA – The Consumer Education and Protection Unit at the Commerce Ministry is calling on the public to join the fight against unscrupulous practices in the Liberian business sector.

The Consumer Education and Protection Unit said tackling negative practices in the business sector, including arbitrary   hike in prices, among others, may not easily be realized in the absence of collaboration from the public.

While the Ministry continues to take actions, including fines, confiscation of goods and warnings, against those who are trying to take advantage of the country’s current health situation  to exploit   consumers,  it strongly believes that massive public   involvement plays a key role in the process.

As part of its awareness campaign, the Ministry’s Consumer Education and Protection Unit urges consumers to always ask for receipts during transactions, check for production and expiration dates and report strange movement of goods in isolated locations, among others.

The Unit also wants consumers make use of the law by filing complaints arising from their transactions with the business community for immediate and proper redress in the event of any violation of their rights.

The Commerce Ministry reiterates its commitment to   ensuring maximum protection of consumer rights across the country.

We wish to commend those who have been working along with the Inspectorate in exposing these unwarranted acts in the business environment.

Meanwhile, the following hotlines /numbers can be used for those who want to get in touch with the Ministry to register their concerns: Lone Star—9911/Orange-6624/0886559224/0776516171