German Mineral Company Assures Liberia of the Reactivation of Mining Business, Doctors to Liberia Program

German Mineral company, Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd Chief Executive Officer Richie Engl with Ministers Sherman and Sartuth

MONROVIA — Given the urgent need to revitalize and realign reform efforts, particularly in the mining and health sectors, a German gold mining company, Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd, pledged to support the government in funding the mining business for small miners and in strengthening the health system of the country.

The German investment company made a declaration on Thursday to reactivate the “Doctors to Liberia” program in order to contribute to the development of a resilient health sector in the country as part of its social responsibility.

“The company will also bring doctors from Germany to Liberia and take over the costs for the doctors, the drugs and the sick,” said the declaration, signed by Richie Engl, CEO and Jürgen Bertram.

Thesaurum Gold Exploration Ltd also announced in its statement that it has acquired all licenses and mining rights and that it has signed a final joint venture with the claimant.

“The goal is to start active (full) mining operations from October,” the statement said.

As part of other social tasks of the company, more than 400 jobs are to be created, the staff trained to the teeth and a better life created.

The government duly receives taxes on the mined gold and corporate income tax. There will be an unpolluted environment – a green mining operation.

“The company is also committed to renovating or upgrading infrastructure such as roads, drilling wells, installing working water pumps, building a school and a small hospital.”

In the meantime, the company has been satisfied with the business climate and CEO Richie Engl has set himself the goal of advising investors in Europe from now on and showing investors the endless business opportunities in Liberia.

“The aim is to bring many investors to Liberia who will invest in all areas of the economy. Due to the investor network, the first meeting will take place in Germany in June 2021,” the company said.

Richie Engl, CEO also said in the statement that he asks everyone to get in touch with him with ideas ([email protected]) so that further joint ventures can be founded.

The company also announced that gold mining will be the pilot project in Liberia and additional gold and diamond mining projects are planned.