First Lady Keen at Revolutionizing Liberia in Cosmetology

First Lady Clar Marie Weah

Paynesville – First Lady Clar Marie Weah has emphasized the need for making Liberia a center of attraction in cosmetology.

Speaking Wednesday, August 14, in Paynesville, Madam Weah told the 30 young women, who recently returned from China, following the completion of a hair production training that Liberia can be an attraction in Africa, if the girls are prepared to work with her foundation in revolutionizing the skills gained.

“Whether we create our own saloon, our own training center, there is a way that you can revolutionize yourself to help the country’s economy,” Madam Weah said.

The girls returned to Liberia after completing a four-week industrial hair production training at the Henan Ruimei Hair Company, the world’s second-leading producer of wig, fake hair and related products.

Their trip was sponsored by the Clar Hope Foundation, the foundation own and operated by the First Lady.

According to the First Lady, all details have been worked out for the company to come to Liberia.

“If you want something, work hard towards it, I’m trying to bring this company in Liberia. I have done everything as First Lady, but it’s left with the government,” Madam Weah noted.

“The company has to work every detail they have with government and if the company decide that it will not come because of any reason, we have to create ways.”

She assured the young women that there will be administrative avenues for those who will no longer be interested in the cosmetic area, when the company comes to Liberia.

She wants the 30 girls to create a team in realizing their dream.

Madam Weah further assured the 30 women that a second alternative is in place, if the hair production company fails to come to Liberia.

At the same time, she clarified that her initiative is not based on her status as a wife to President Weah, but service to humanity.

She said: “People are saying why now, because she is the wife of the President, she’s stepping up, I have always stepped up.”

“I am a person who sometimes does not like to come up in the limelight. I have been in Liberia and going back to Jamaica many years before President Weah could come to power.

“This is the time for me to do it. This is the time to do whatever God has blessed me to do.”

First Lady Weah also stated that she doesn’t want to be a First Lady, who will be self-centered, but to use such platform in helping others.

Additionally, she revealed that the Clar Hope Foundation for Children and Old Folks’ Homes are currently being constructed.

She said the foundation will host 200 girls between the ages 6 to 12, who will enroll at its academy up to completing high school, while the old folks’ home will cater to the elderly.

She reflected on challenges she faced in her early childhood activities as driving force behind her quest to serve humanity.

“I had no one behind me when I was going to high school and university, because my father had died when I was eight. I never grew up with my mom.”

 “A lot of people do not know me; they only know me as Clar Weah, President George Weah’s wife, where does she come from?”

She expressed disappointment in ‘negative comments’ from some Liberians that taking the 30 young women to China “was meant for human trafficking.”

“Comment like child trafficking, the First Lady is taking the girls to China for that and if I focus on that, I won’t do what God has called me to do,” Mrs. Weah stated.

Madam Weah told the girls that she cannot help every single person in Liberia, urging them to share with others the knowledge they have gained. The First Lady said the first 30 beneficiaries will serve as leaders for other girls who will be recruited for the program in future.