Liberia: Pres. Weah Vows to Set Up Working Committee to Implement Economic Dialogue Recommendations


Monrovia – The three-day National Dialogue intended to seek solutions to Liberia’s economic problems, ended Friday, September 6 in Monrovia with a National Consensus on the revival and growth of the Liberian economy.

The Consensus was read by the Chairman of the National Economic DialogueTogar Gayewea Mcintosh and presented to President George Weah.

It included the combination of different recommendations and proposals from all stakeholders and it centered on the four key topics of the Dialogue: public finance mobilization and management, Investment promotion and private sector growth, youth unemployment and skills development and Peace building and reconciliation. 

President Weah vowed to set up four cabinet committees to work with the government in making sure that all the recommendations from the dialogue are implemented.

“To this end, we will establish four implementation sub-committees of the cabinet in line with the four major topics that formed the agenda of our discussion during this dialogue,” President Weah said.

He mentioned the cabinet committee on Public finance and mobilization, the cabinet committee on investment promotion and public finance growth, the cabinet committee on youth unemployment and skills development and the cabinet committee on peace building and reconciliation.

He added that his government will take the recommendations and proposals from the four different groups into urgent and careful consideration.

“These four cabinet committees will be tasked with oversight among other things in these four areas and they will report to the full cabinet from time to time on their progress,” President Weah said.

He proposed that the document containing the consensus should be preserved in an archive because according to him, it serves as evidence of everything initiated in the National Dialogue.

Moreover, the President also proposed that the National Dialogue takes place annually to review the progress of the country’s economy.

He also announced that he will shortly appoint a high council of economic advisors that will consist of experts who formed part of the dialogue.