Liberia: National Port Authority in Full Swing Operation


Monrovia – The National Port Authority had clarified that normal port operations are currently proceeding smoothly at the Freeport of Monrovia, following temporary closure by the Debt Court of Montserrado County, on Tuesday, December 7.

The gate of the Freeport of Monrovia was reportedly locked by Court Sheriff, following complaints by redundant workers, who are claiming debt owed them by the Port Management.

They are demanding salaries and benefits owed them, since being redundant years back.

Early Tuesday morning, people were prevented from entering the port premises, based on the court order.

However, the entrance to the nation’s economic gateway was later ordered open, following intervention by its management, headed by Bill Twehway.

Nevertheless, NPA has confirmed the closure of its facility by the court, also affirming issues raised by the former workers.

NPA Communications Director Malcolm Scott told the Voice of Liberia later Tuesday, December 7, that the concerns of the aggrieved redundant NPA Workers are already being addressed by the port’s management.

Yet, Scott noted that the debt being crave by the aggrieved was not as a result of the current administration action, but past administration.

“Yes, the Sheriff was earlier this morning ordered closed by the Debt Court, because employees who were told to go on compulsory leave during the 1990 war era, were demanding debt owed them,” Mr. Scott said.

However, he said because the government is continuity, the current administration of President George Manneh Weah has shouldered the responsibility to address said liability.

He said it was surprising to see Court Sheriff implementing temporary order when the government through the Freeport of Monrovia was already addressing the concerns by the aggrieved.

Scott further said: “Those debts were factors into this current regime and the current administration of the port has already started addressing them, and it was surprising to see Court Sheriff implementing temporary.” Meanwhile, Scott started that the debt is inclusive of salaries and other benefits, but maintained that it has lasted for over 31 years, but has flipped from past government to the current administration of President Weah