Liberia: “Economy Experiencing Steady Growth”- Deputy Min. Samora Wolokolie


Monrovia – Liberia’s Deputy Minister of Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance for Development Planning, Samora Wolokolie has revealed that the economy is growing steadily.

He said the country’s economy is growing steadily at 2.5 percent and is expected to increase to 3 percent by the end of 2018 as projected.

The Deputy Minister was speaking when he appeared alongside Representative Acarous Gray (Montserrado County District #8) on a live radio talk show on Monday to speak on President George Weah’s state of the nation address.

According to them, the government is making ‘significant’ stride in resuscitating the weak economy it inherited.

Commenting on how the government has reduced Liberia’s debt stock, Wolokolie noted that government inherited a US$10 million debt owed the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for providing power to government’s institutions and has paid more than US$9 million.

‘Best Speech Ever’

Responding to a barrage of criticisms over the president’s annual message, Wolokolie contended that was one of the ‘best’ speech ever delivered by a Liberian politician.

The President’s annual message has been greeted by mixed reactions from several quarters including the opposition blog which branded his speech as lacking substance.

Major opposition groups including the Unity Party, Liberty Party and the All Liberian party criticized him for his failure to address some pertinent issues including the dwindling economy, high cost of living and the increasing number of unemployment.

But Wolokolie rubbished their claims and backed the President in saying Liberia is far better off under the CDC-led government; adding: “I stand before you with confidence and declare that the state of our nation is strong, peaceful, united, stable and promising with great prospect for a better future for all.”

He continues: “I will characterize the President’s message as one of the best messages I’ve ever listened to or one of the best scriptures of messages that I’ve ever read since the foundation of our Republic,” he declared.

“The difference between the message of President Dr. George Manneh Weah and that of other state of the nation messages that I have listened to in my young age is that his message focused on results of what have been achieved. The president focused more on achievements and given the account of report of what have been achieved in the last one year and what will be achieved in the year to come, said the Deputy Minister on the Truth Breakfast Show that was simulcast on several radio stations in Monrovia and its environs.”

Speaking further, he noted that the message was deeply embedded with tangibles that are worth boosting about.

He named the construction of the Old Road Chubgor Road, the Bishop Michael Francis Road and the Doe Community Road as some of the tangible deliverables of the CDC one-year administration.

“The president and his team of officers in the governance of the Republic have turn dust into asphalt on major street corridors in Monrovia,” he contended.

Commenting on the President’s pledged to not rest until his administration reaches its zenith and paves the last road leading to the remotest part of the country, Wolokolie asserted that the pledge demonstrates the president’s ‘exuberance and dedication’ to the fixing of the roads and improving the lives of his countrymen.

Also speaking, Rep. Gray, a stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change indicated that the government’s ability to pay civil servants regularly despite inheriting a broke economy is a significant stride.

“What we inherited was US$5 million as operational fund. And the government needs US$23 million to pay civil servants. So, it is part of the improvement the president talked about.