‘Give Peace a Chance’ -Skyline Shipping and Logistics Employees Urge Liberians

Employees of Skyline Shipping and Logistics

Monrovia – As some Liberians under the banner of “Council of Patriots” plan a peaceful demonstration for June 7 in Monrovia, employees of Skyline Shipping and Logistics Inc. are calling on all Liberians to give peace a chance.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Skyline, Mr. R. Bobby B. Sonpon, said he and his skyline team are working tirelessly to see Liberia gets to another level. According to him, they and other business people are having sleepless nights convincing investors around the world to see Liberia as a business-friendly country that have many opportunities for different kinds of businesses.

He emphasized that peace should be given a chance for the common growth of the country’s economy.

“Where there is peace, there would be free movement of citizens and that free movement would help boost businesses in the country. Those businesses would contribute immensely to the country’s economy. But if government officials, ex-rebel generals and opposition leaders continue to call for demonstration, it would make the living condition of our people deplorable.  

“Our people continue to bad mouth each other with threatening statements coming from the above mentioned names. This would affect our efforts as business people with the aim of helping to improve the economic sector of our country,” he stated.

It can be recalled that in February of this year, Sonpon and his skyline team received some investors from abroad and those investors saw the need for aviation and agriculture development, which they said could help Liberia move to another level of profit making.

“After the investors returned to their country, the group is resolved to doing business in Liberia but they are finding it hard to return as planned due to the many protests like the senseless civil war that we still haven’t gotten over is creating a setback. Therefore, we are on our knees begging the government to meet the needs of its people so that the number of protests and hard feelings between officials of government, opposition leaders, ex-rebels generals, and would-be protesters can be abolished.” Sonpon concluded with a call to those protesters and opposition leaders to remain calm and give peace a chance as the country has come a long way to peace after losing so many lives and properties during the years of civil conflict.