Cummings Africa Foundation Hosts Inaugural Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit

“We at the Cummings Africa Foundation, believe that a thriving private sector is key to development in Liberia and have always supported Liberian entrepreneurs in various ways.” – Alexander Cummings, Founder of Cummings Africa Foundation

MONROVIA – Entrepreneurs from all sectors of the Liberian businesses are benefiting from a two-day entrepreneurship Summit under the Cummings Africa Foundation. The two days summit is intended to promote innovation, idea sharing, and inspiration.

The summit under the Cummings Africa Foundation is the first in Liberia. The Liberia Entrepreneurship summit, according to organizers, is expected to be the most comprehensive business conference of its kind that would bring together scores of Liberian business owners for two days.

The summits will focus on knowledge sharing, business identification, seminars and master-classes facilitated by industry experts. The overarching goal of the summit is to equip Liberian businesses with knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to position their businesses to be drivers of the Liberian economy.

“We at the Cummings Africa Foundation, believe that a thriving private sector is key to development in Liberia and have always supported Liberian entrepreneurs in various ways. However, we wanted to do something bigger and more impactful, and out of that vision, the Liberia Entrepreneurship summit was derived.”

All presenters at the summits are seasoned professionals and the masterclasses and workshops were carefully selected to address some of the major hurdles experienced by the entrepreneurs. The summit is being held under the Theme “Entrepreneurship Redefined: Taking your Business to the Next level.”

Organizers of the Summit hopes that the summit will help to redefine entrepreneurship by changing the narrative for Liberian Businesses. They also envision Liberian business as market leaders in major sectors. We envision Liberian business as market leaders in major sectors. 

“We envision Liberian businesses dominating the export markets, and most importantly we envision Liberian businesses dominating the Liberian economy.” Presenters at the summit will lecture on several topics to include: teaching businesses how to turn purpose into profit, how to use personal brand to grow business, organizational development for small businesses, getting your business investors ready ad leveraging value with limited financial resources.

Participants of the Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit

Making remarks at the launch, Mr. Alexander Cummings, Founder/Chairman of the Cummings Africa Foundation told participants that the summit is the first and is an event his foundation will continue to be hosted for developing entrepreneurs to help empower them to develop their businesses.

Mr. Cummings told the gathering of young and prospective entrepreneurs that the private sector has to be the driver of economic growth in Liberia and entrepreneurship has to be one of the primary vehicles for doing that.

“The private sector is the biggest employer of people and the biggest generator of wealth for Liberians you are in the process of changing that paradigm where you can grow your businesses and employ people make money for you and your family unapologetically.”

The Liberia Entrepreneurship Summit (LES) is an event geared towards Liberian small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Over 100 small business owners from around the country have converged in Monrovia, for a non-stop entrepreneurial experience that will provide participants with not only inspiration but motivation! The summit will consist of invaluable networking spanning several workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, and social events.

“Whether you are a start-up, small business or innovator looking for what’s next – this the summit is for you,” says Alexander B. Cummings, keynote speaker of the summit and founder of the Cummings Africa Foundation. “Our goal is to equip the SMEs of Liberia with tools and experience that will impact their businesses in a positive and upward way.

The highlight of the Summit will be “The Pitch”, a small business pitch competition that will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their brilliant ideas to improve or scale their businesses. Contestants will stand a chance to win up to US$10,000 investment capital in the form of a grant.