Couple Makes SOS Call to save Only Liberian-owned Fishing Vessel from Sinking


Monrovia – The owners of the only Liberian-owned Fishing vessel are calling on the Government to intervene and save their vessel from sinking.

The vessel is currently at the beach in Sophie Community in Congo Town where it ran-aground after it encountered a mechanical fault while at sea. 

Mr. Stanley Giah who, along with his wife Roseline Giah owns it, told FrontPage Africa that the vessel, with 13 crewmen left the shore on Thursday. Everything was going well until the engine stopped working because, as they discovered later, the fuel used was unscrupulously mixed with water, he explained.

“The fuel we bought and put in the vessel has water in it. So, when the engine was running, the water aspect of the fuel entered the engine and it went off,” Mr. Giah explained.

The engineer tried to get the engine on but it couldn’t work because the water has already entered the engine so it couldn’t start immediately.

With the engine off amid bad weather and characterized by heavy storm, Giah said the vessel and the distressed crewmen were pushed to shore and grounded at the beach in Sophie.

He made a passionate plea to relevant Government’s agencies including the Liberia Maritime Authority, National Fisheries and Aqua Authority (NaFAA), the Liberia Coast Guard and the National port Authority (NPA), as well as APM Terminals.

“The only thing that can be done now is the government’s intervention. We need the government to help us with the tow boat because it has not grounded deep in the sand. As it is, if they can help us with the tow boat, then the vessel will be saved.”  

He continued: “This is the only Liberian vessel in the Republic of Liberia, owned by Roseline and Stanley. We are the only Liberians that have this vessel. So, we are appealing to the government to come help us so that our dream and effort will not go down in vain.