AccessBank Liberia Outdoors Corporate Cloth For Staff


Monrovia – As part of the Bank’s gradual internal rebranding strategy following a change of its name as a true commercial bank in all respects, AccessBank Liberia introduced official corporate cloth for its staff.

The cloth is distributed to all staff to be sewn and worn on the first and last Thursdays of every month. The cloth was introduced by management to further demonstrate the professionalism of the Bank and foster greater sense of unity among the staff to serve and delight its customers.

AccessBank also used the occasion to re-launch its new name by dropping “The Microfinance Bank” from its name.  With this change, which was approved by Central Bank of Liberia early this year, AccessBank Liberia is now a fully-fledged commercial Bank and not Microfinance Bank anymore.

According to the management, it is good news for SMEs and large companies who are looking for European International Bank to bank with.

AccessBank Liberia is currently providing more support to Liberian businesses than any other financial institution in the country.

Since its establishment in 2009, the bank has build an impeccable relationship with the government and people including a wide range of clientele of low-income retail shop owners, street vendors, craftsmen and farmers in its areas of operation.

In a statement recently, Monrovia, AccessBank Liberia managing director Jonas Nyaye indicated that the bank is currently providing support to 40 percent of small and medium enterprises in the country.

In a country where less than 1% of the population has a bank account, AccessBank Liberia concentrates on providing financial services to the country’s “informal” business sector.

A wide clientele of low-income retail shop owners, street vendors, craftsmen and farmers have already benefited from their services in a country not long ago was devastated by a civil war.

Building Markets, a notable non-governmental organization revealed in her findings highlighted AccessBank Liberia as the primary lender to small and medium businesses in Liberia.

According to a recent survey of Liberian micro, small, and medium businesses, AccessBank Liberia is far and away the leading provider of financial services.

More than half of the surveyed businesses that had taken loans received them from AccessBank.

AccessBank Liberia CEO, Mr. Jonas Nyaye, noted the development, saying: “AccessBank Liberia is very happy to receive confirmation of its work. We consider this to be confirmation that we are achieving our mission to be the house bank for micro, small, and medium businesses in the country. AccessBank Liberia has always maintained its high level of service, even as the country faced Ebola and subsequent economic challenges, and we will continue to support the country in its ongoing development.” The Chairman of AccessBank Liberia’s Supervisory Board, Dr. Bernd Zattler, added: “Since its foundation in 2009, AccessBank Liberia has served as a testament to the possibilities of financial outreach through financing of micro, small, and medium enterprises. We remain immensely proud of the institution and its employees and look forward to seeing it continued.

The bank promised more collaboration with other institutions in the private sector.

AccessBank Liberia was founded in January 2009 by four international institutions: AccessHolding AG, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank and International Finance Corporation. The Bank provides financial services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises via seven branches located in Monrovia and Buchanan.

At end of 2017, the Bank had over USD 40 million of assets and nearly 500 employees, serving more than 150,000 customers.