Liberia: Sherman Return to Lone Star Team

CASABLANCA, Morocco – Former  Liberian goalkeeper Nathaniel Shrman has been selected to serve as transition goalkeeper coach, replacing Sunday Seah who previously served in the position since James Butler was appointed head coach of Liberia.

Sherman who is part of the Liberian delegation to Morocco for the double headed match with Nigeria and Central African Republic  played for Liberia for years before retiring due to eye injury.

It is still not clear if Seah has been dismissed by the FA or Butler but what is known is that Sherman will take care of the keepers for the last two games of the qualifiers.

It was reported late last week by Journalist Roland Mulbah that Butler has sacked one of his deputy coaches but there was no name given but now one can say it is Seah Butler has decided not to work with after two years in charge of the national team.

In the last two games Loe Star played they conceded late goals and the performances of the national team  keepers have not been impressive, something one may say is the result for the replacement of Seah by Sherman.

Sherman’s role will be to give the keepers the right training and share his experience with them on how to win games and get used to pressure on and off the pitch.

 Recently the passionate Sherman offered his serve free to his mother and father counties Bomi and Grand Cape Mount to help improve their keepers ahead of the national county sports meet.

Sherman said “To get the opportunity to work with national team keepers is really good. It’s been brilliant so far and just to be part of the department really excites me.”

Sherman retired from football at the age of 24 after a serious eye injury he suffered in September ahead of a crucial Africa Cup of Nations match against Tunisia.

He had surgery on his right eye after walking into a glass door but doctors were unable to fully correct the damage.

Since his retirement from football he has always been a part of the local game in Liberian and became the president of BYC winning four trophies as president of the club he played  for until his injury.

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