Don’t Politicize Football- LoneStar Cell MTN Cautions LFA President

Monrovia – LoneStar Cell MTN wants the Liberia Football Association and Cellcom/Orange to realize that no degree of threats and intimidation from any quarter at home or abroad, will influence the change of its Corporate Name now or anytime in the future.

The company in a release Thursday noted the recent US$1.5 million frivolous legal threat from both Cellcom/Orange and the LFA is a mere bluff and should not be taken seriously by its subscribers.

LoneStar Cell MTN maintained it has every right and will continue to send SMSs to its many subscribers, to disseminate news of all sorts, including sports and promotions at the will and pleasure of its subscribers; but will not tap and recklessly send SMS to the rival subscribers, as has been the case with Cellcom/Orange against LoneStar Cell MTN.

At the same time, the leading cellular giant is cautioning the President of the Liberian Football Association (LFA), Mr. Musa Bility not to politicize football in the Country against the standards and guidelines of the World Governing Body of Football (FIFA).

“Mr. Bility, the new Corporate Spokesman for Cellcom/Orange and the President of the LFA is treading a dangerous pathway in mixing sports, politics and business, in his Official Position.

 Mr. Bility was actively involved with the LFA in other roles for many years, when LoneStar Cell MTN sponsored the Lone Star National Soccer Team and the National County Meet with serious financial infusion; not once did Mr. Bility question LoneStar Cell MTN rights to the name. Why now? What has given him and others this new enthusiasm to fight a battle for Cellcom/Orange?” the release added.

The company maintained it will continue to honor its obligation to the Liberian government, provide excellent telecommunications services and reach out to communities through its Corporate Social Programs.



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