Liberia Basketball Association To Conduct COVID 19 Test On Players Before League Kickoff

Monrovia – The embattled leadership of the Liberia Basketball Association says players who would participate in the upcoming league would have to take the COVID-19 test before participating in the league.

The Federation of International Basketball made the pronouncement Wednesday, September 23, 2020 following a meeting.

Abraham Samukai who was elected at a controversial election in 2019 emphasized that the LBA has to follow all of the preventative measures given by the Health Ministry against the COVID-19 after the lifting of the ban on sporting activities in the country.

Said Mr. Samukai: “We called on team officials here today simply to announce the lifting of the ban on sporting activities in the country by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Health and we gave them a release that was signed and sanctioned by the two ministries on sporting activities so they as teams officials will go and carefully look at them so that we can all design strategies as to when  to start the league.”

He further said during their meeting with the two ministries, they as sports officials agreed to follow the preventive measures against the COVID-19, such as social distancing, do testing before a game and beside the playing pitch and the vicinity of the court all substitute players will have to wear marks on before each game kickoff.

He also disclosed that no spectator would be allowed until they get the go-ahead from the and Health and Youth and Sports Ministries.

“Our team’s official’s responses to our discussion were very positive because they all agreed to keep on following all of the COVID 19 preventive measures for the common growth of the game and the athletes who have passion for it and other important matters were also discussed for the common growth of basketball,” he added.

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