Liberia Considers Pro Wrestling – Lee Meets Tyson in U.S.

Monrovia – Liberia is seriously considering professional wrestling and has signed-up to Professional Wrestling Africa (PWA).

Report by Danesius Marteh,

Still in its embryonic stage, PWA has recruited former Liberia Football Association (LFA) communications director Henry Boyd Flomo to lead the project in Liberia.

Flomo also served as assistant secretary-general of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and president of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL).

He will lead an organizing committee as PWA media and publicity director. 

Flomo, who was a member of the national boxing team, said Liberians will soon begin to see professional wrestling as it was before the civil war when Mighty Eagle and other stormed Monrovia.

Nigeria are far ahead with professional wrestling in the West African sub-region.

For African champion Godspower Ikpide, “the time is ripe for me to compete at the international level of the mat sport among the toughest and the roughest in the industry in an effort to seek more laurels and even show to the international world that black means Power,” boasted the Nigerian wrestler, who hails from Akiehwe, Isoko in Delta State.

Power Lee believes there is nothing more to fight for at home.

“No more warriors to conquer. It is better to take the war to the international circles of the mat sport where I am ready for now,” he explained.

Lee, a powerhouse of a wrestler in his own right, is a powerfully and heavily built mega star bubbling with energy.

He has competed and defeated the best superstars Nigeria can offer including Stainless Golden Bullet, Super Samson, Red Scorpion, De Lion Man, Black Heritage, Eagle the Great Nail, Mighty Man and Strong Bone.

Lee has also laid down African superstars like Tya Mupepe of Congo, Cameroon’s Michel Noudem.

On May 1, Lee defeated Marvelous Buffalo of Angola to retain his PWA heavyweight title. 

Arrangements have been concluded by PWA with Allied Independent Wrestling Federation (AIWF) in North Carolina to showcase Lee in America.

AIWF recently ranked Lee third in the group’s world heavyweight ratings, which PWA described as a welcome initiative and a forward development.

Lee will be competing with Ty Tyson during the Legacy 25th anniversary of AIWF tagged: USA versus Africa.

PWA secretary-general Olusesan Olukoya believes Lee will be a good African ambassador if he competes on the global stage.

“African wrestling has not been truly represented in the world of wrestling and this is the Gospel truth. Power Lee will see to that as a true and bonafide African born and brought up talent,” Olukoya concluded.

“I need to show to the world that I am ready. You pro-wrestling superstars in US, Canada and around the world, watch out for the African pro wrestling king. I will come to the US with African hospitality and that will not stop me from showing my pro wrestling skills and prowess to the outside world,” Lee boasted.

In a video sent to Matt Classic, the anchor man of AIWF, the world body with affiliates in 93 organizations, Lee sent a warning note to Tyson to watch his back as he is storming USA to reign supreme.

Lee will have to go an extra mile to realize his goal of conquering the world.

This may not come easily for the fact that US wrestlers are tough but Lee will also claim victory all the way.

Lee hopes Africa will be glorious in the USA versus Africa bout.

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