Liberia: CDC Lifts Moratorium on Elections of USA Chapter

Monrovia – The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Congress for Democratic Change has announced the lifting of an indefinite moratorium, which was placed on the conduct of elections under the auspices of the CDC-USA Chapter.

This decision comes after an extensive fact-finding period, which outcome supports the existence of a peaceful climate favorable to the holding of free, fair and transparent elections; one reflective of the will and aspirations of all partisans of the CDC-USA Chapter, the CDC has said.

The National Executive Committee reiterated its unflinching support for the CDC-USA democratic process as announced by its Chairman (Steve Luogun) recently, and encourages all eligible candidates, officials and partisans to actively participate while remaining peaceful, law-abiding, and non-violent.

The party’s National Executive Committee has congratulated the leadership of the CDC-USA, eligible candidates and all stakeholders for unitedly finding an amicable solution to the common problem, which has now made it possible for the conduct of its scheduled convention for the election of new leaders.

The NEC admonished that concerns arising out of the electoral process be constructively channeled through the due process of law.

This is especially important as the party remains inflexible against acts inimical to the collective interests, bye-laws, and standards of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change.

At the same time, the National Executive Committee has expressed its gratitude to all members, elders, stalwarts and sympathizers of the Mighty CDC-USA Chapter for the great reconciliatory strides ahead of a critical democratic process.

This (reunited) CDC-USA chapter, which comes at an impressive timing just before the scheduled convention, is certain to leverage the revolutionary standings of the People’s party.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman, who will lead a Five-Man Delegation, is to depart Liberia this week for the U.S. to help guide the planned democratic process.

The party’s Chairman, speaking at the climax of an executive meeting held in Monrovia recently, used the occasion to extend olive branch to dissatisfied members of the CDC/North America branch, admonishing them to return to the party to help with the important task of rebuilding.

The National Executive Committee of the CDC through its Chairman appealed to its members to let bygones be bygones, saying ‘Under the new beginning mantra, the return and participation of every CDCian in the internal politics is extremely essential to our quest to making the CDC stronger than ever before’.

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