‘I’ll Not Put Your Money in My Pocket’: Urey Promises Corrupt-Free Liberian Govt. if Elected

Gbarnga, Bong County – Mr. Benoni Urey, the standard bearer of the All Liberia Party (ALP) has promised Liberians a corrupt-free government if he is elected the next president of Liberia.

Report by Selma Lomax, selma.lomax@frontpageafrciaonline.com

“I will not come into office and steal from you. I will not put your money in my pocket. I am coming to serve you and give you honest leadership,” Mr. Urey told supporters Wednesday at the ALP July 26 Independence Day jamboree which was held at the David Kuyoun Sports Stadium in Gbarnga.

Mr. Urey implored the people of the county to consider the party as an alternative to the ruling Unity Party at the October 10 presidential polls, and declared:

“If God grants us our wish, we will go there to serve you. We will bring policies that will move Liberia towards prosperity.”

Mr. Urey: “I can feel your pains. Back in the day we celebrated the July 26 independence with so much joy but that can’t be said now because they have stolen your money and made the country so hard for us.”

“But I want to admonish you, when they bring the money they stole, eat the money and boo them.”

The ALP jamboree, on the theme, “Let’s Get Liberia Working Again,” saw thousands of supporters of the party from every nook and cranny of Bong County.

Food vendors and persons selling party paraphernalia took advantage of the crowd to make good sales.

Speaking passionately about his vision for the country, Urey told enthusiastic party supporters that Liberia has been blessed with massive resources but incompetence and corruption being exhibited by the Unity Party-led government headed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph Boakai had stifled economic growth and thrown the nation into extreme hardship.

“These are hard times for Liberians. Parents cannot afford school fees; everybody has been affected for the past 12 years, but we will remove this hardship on October 10, 2017 with our thumbs,” he said.

“Let this be the last July 26 celebration you are celebrating in hardship.”

“When you show the Unity Party government the exit door on October 10 you will enjoy the next.

“Within a few years, we are going to transform Liberia when we are given the mandate.”

“The winds of change is blowing everywhere and we are taking the elephant to a historic victory,” he told the teeming party faithful who incessantly made the ‘change’ sign.

He accused the standard bearer of Unity Party Vice President Joseph Boakai of leading his party to engage in tribal and divisive politics.

“In these last two months, the Unity Party has been promoting tribalism with the congau and native politics, something, that is bad for the country.”

“Don’t pay heed to any of these things from Joseph Boakai and his people who are preaching tribal politics.”

“It is utter rubbish, lies and fabrication. We are going to tell them that is not the Liberian way of campaigning.

They are saying they are native but they have been stealing your money for the past 12 years.”

Continuing, he added: “The difference between the ALP and the UP is they are preaching tribal politics while we are preaching reconciliation.

Liberia doesn’t need a divisive leader now. The country needs a leader who will unite everyone irrespective of tribe.”

Urey said he was hopeful Liberians would vote him and the ALP legislative candidates across the country,.

After the election, it is going to come from Joseph Boakai’s own mouth that Benoni Urey is the president-elect.”

He assured Liberians that the ALP would go into the election in a peaceful manner.

“We will tell Joseph Boakai and the Unity Party that ‘thank you and good bye”.

Meanwhile, the vice standard bearer of the ALP Alexander Duopu predicted victory for the party in the October 10 presidential polls.

“Liberia is going to rise again under the leadership of Benoni Urey and Alexander Duopu.

“We are at crossroads and we will do the right thing with the right leadership.”

He said but for the ruling Unity Party truncating the forward march of the country, the country would have rubbed shoulders with other successful economies in the world.

Using the case of Joshua in the Bible, Duopu noted, “God has spoken.

He says there is victory coming for the ALP and it is starting from Bong County on this great day. I have a feeling that Urey is the next president of Liberia.”

Duopu said the ALP is the biggest and fastest growing political party in Liberia currently and encouraged the supporters “to make our numbers count in the elections.”

He observed that the ALP is the only party that is capable of putting Liberia first.

“It is a party of historic destiny. We will use only six years to lift Liberia from extreme poverty to lower middle income status.”

He also said the ALP has the human resources to make Liberia better and urged Liberians to give them the mandate.

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