Benoni Urey Describes October 10 Elections As Most Corrupt in Africa

Monrovia – The standard bearer of the All Liberian Party (ALP) Benoni Urey has termed the October 10 presidential and legislative elections as the most corrupt and ineffective elections in Africa.

Report Henry Karmo –

Mr. Urey is one of several disenchanted participants of the election that have filed complaint with the National Election Commission over alleged irregularities and fraud.

Urey told Journalists at a news conference Wednesday at the headquarters of the ALP that as a lone voice, he had raised issues of irregularities regarding the electoral process even before the elections were held, but nothing was done to address the problems.

Urey said – “We have been the lone voice in complaining of things we saw coming. If somebody in the President’s office can be printing voting ID cards and the chairman of NEC was saying everybody with voting ID card would vote; it was something scaring that called for attention.

 “Forty years ago all the problems in our country continue to be but a few people and we continue to allow it.”

“I am not deterred by the results of the election because every well-meaning Liberian knows that it is impossible for the ALP to perform the way they say it did.

“People manipulating the political scene, fooling people, creating leaders that are not leaders, they continue to use us, abuse us for their personal benefits and we are not doing anything about it.”

Urey also cautioned his colleagues who participated in the election to be careful of whom they align with during this runoff election.

He has also challenged the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change to speak against violence. “We don’t need violence in this country and if I Urey hasn’t taken to the streets nobody should.

“I know Weah, he loves Liberia but he needs to put some check. Everybody will not support him or vote for him that is the beauty of democracy,” he said. 

Commenting on his dismal performance in as reported by the NEC, Urey challenged the results and claimed that the ALP is already seeking legal actions.

“I challenge them to give me 24 hours I will put hundred thousand people to their doors to prove to them that we are a fore to recon but we are a mature force and a peace loving people.

“The love we have for our people and country is what will keep us from putting our people on the streets unless it is absolutely necessary to reach that stage.

Responding to the incident involving talk show host Henry Costa the ALP leader said –  “Zogos and all of those that were involved in humiliating Costa should stop that foolishness nobody has the right to attack anybody nobody has monopoly over violence.

“Our silence is not our weakness if the police can’t stop it we will stop it ourselves,” he asserted.

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