Battle For Chairmanship? UP Secretary General Declares Intention

Monrovia – The Secretary General of the governing Unity Party Wilmot Paye for the first time has made public his intent to contest for the Party Chairmanship in the up- coming convention.

The Unity Party Secretary General made this revelation on the ELBC Bumper Show.  When quizzed about his ambition for the party chairmanship, Paye responded by saying “Yes. I will contest for the Chairmanship.”

With the Secretary General coming clear with his intention perhaps other names believed to be eyeing the Unity Party Chairmanship like the Minister of Gender and Social Protection Julia Duncan-Cassel and a confidante of President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf Madam Medina Wesseh could make Paye road to the chairmanship an uphill battle.

The coming of the pair, Julia and Medina in the process could be viewed as a way of creating space for women participation in the political process.  By electing any of the two, UP might likely be credited for electing a female as a party chairman thus solidifying women’s position in the political process come 2017.

But some political pundits see the coming of both Medina and Julia as proxy for President Sirleaf, this tactics is considered as way to pay-back for the stance Paye took against Robert Sirleaf, son of the President during the 2014 senatorial elections and to also tighten her (President Sirleaf) grip in the party.

In spite of the pair close relationship with the party standard bearer, both Medina and Julia over the years have been involved with the Party activities and are considered party discipline.

On the other hand some partisans believe that Paye ascendency is the continuation of the current Party Chairman Varney Sherman rule, who will not be a candidate to serve post in the up-coming convention.

Paye who is sure of becoming the party next chairman believes that with the waves of politics UP can retain the Presidency. Paye stressed, that the current form of the opposition clearly puts UP in the position to retain the Presidency.

“The Unity Party is likely to retain the Presidency, the election in 2017 will be won with credibility and no institution in this country got credibility beyond the Unity Party,” Paye said.

Paye termed, as rumor that the Unity Party is in talk with opposition Liberty Party for merger.

“Those are rumors; individuals in unity party for whatever reason may be in talk with other political parties but you cannot say that it is Unity Party in conversation,” Paye added.

“I don’t have a preference in anybody other than within the Unity Party or else I will not be Unity Party or be supporting the Unity Party candidate, the Party will decide at the convention,” Paye said.

He continued “We have as a party an irreplaceable reservoir of competent men and women who can be President and Vice President who can be standard bearer and Vice Standard bearer or who can be anyone.”

The UP Secretary General stressed, that political process is open to every partisan but maintains his support to Vice President Joseph Boakai.

“We have go to convention and come out with who we want we should not confuse our political process here, we shouldn’t confuse our political process,” Paye added.

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