Liberia to Observe 200 Years of Free Blacks: Historical Society of Liberia Calls for Providence Island to Serve as a Monument of the Triumphs and the Darkest Chapters of the Country’s Past – FrontPage Africa September 21, 2021 – A Rejoinder

I would call it “perpetuation of the deception that characterized the formation of Liberia to note:

1) That what was the name of this land called Liberia and its capital before the free slaves landed here in 1822?

2) That what language did the inhabitants speak before 1822?

3) That what was the names of the leaders of the inhabitants whom history says were forced at gunpoint to allow the free slaves to settle?

4) That what is considered the triumphs and darkest chapters of Liberia’s past?

5) That  where was the leaders of these inhabitants placed at gunpoint to allow the free slaves to settle- was it on the tiny Providence Island or upland where Front Street is cosmestically renamed Sao Boso Street in honor of King Sao Boso, one of the inhabitant leaders who presided over settling
the free slaves?

6) Renaming the country and its capital, the island and many public places including the seal, “The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here,” when the total number of free slaves that settled in Liberia was only 10,000, compared to 16 groups (tribes) of inhabitants that the slaves met here – this is the deçeption that characterized the formation of the country.

7) In my opinion, having free slaves set from bondage who pretend to settle down in search of Liberty, enslaving their host  and spreading misinformation and lies is responsible for where our nation is today. This systemic deception is embedded in every fabric of our society: homes, schools, religion and government. We need to reform this country replacing “deception with integrity.”

8) I suggest we change the name of the capital to an indigenous one, as well as Providence Island, most public places named in honor of free slaves, and the seal to, “The Love of Liberty United Us Here.” Therefore, to the Historical Society of Liberia, I suggest you build an integrated town with 17 huts representing the 16 original groups plus the free slaves as the historic monument INSTEAD of the tiny Providence Island.

9) Let us bear one fact in mind: that United States history is incomplete without Liberia. This is because the United States took people from here’ll forcibly and enslaved them for free labor and when they wanted to get rid of them, 10,000 free slaves were brought to Liberia who remained here and formed this interesting nation.

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