Lying Senator, Lying Light: Americans to Rethink?

The Editor,

The American Government does not take lightly foreign government officials who lie.

Lying publicly in an attempt to delegitimate journalism and consequently deceive the public is considered a serious breach of public trust and a threat to American national security and interests in rich but poorly ungoverned spaces as Liberia.

America’s representation in Liberia – The Embassy – would have a serious rethink about all what the lying Senator and the lying light has been portraying.

Lying has consequences and it would seem the American microscope would now be in full swing. A thorough review is likely to be undertaken to see whether the Senator might be engaged in a deliberate act of deception in his interactions with various actors in America – whether officials or diaspora Liberians.

The Senator has had access to significant resources from tax payers in America and to have lied publicly as he has done would raise significant concerns.

When a light lies, the speed and brightness of the light decreases. To put differently, no actor of authoritative power would trust that Senator. To trust the Senator would be a significant risk.

It might also be the case that the political leader of the Liberty Party who was in the know of the lie the Senator told will be under the microscope. She did not raise alarm but kept silent in support of a lying Senator of her party.

The other constituent parties in the CPP would need to take a strong stance inclusive of disciplinary actions. Its reputation, if there is any, is now on the line. Does Joe Boakai care? Does Alex Cummings care? Does Benoni Urey care? Who cares?

Julius Kanubah

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