Liberia: Audit – The Truth Will Set Everyone Free!


Liberia will enter a presidential electoral cycle right after the 2021 State of the Nation address. Political marriages and divorces will lead to strange bedfellows. However things may turn out to be, the central narrative of the campaign will be about the successes and failures of the CDC administration. The CDC will drag the legacy of UP administration into play. Unless an unexpected turn of events, UP and CDC will face-off in 2023.

In response to a recent tweet (since denied?) by former President Sirleaf regarding a show of “opulence” during the lighting of the Christmas tree, President Weah did not mince his words. To sum it, he said the Sirleaf administration squandered billions in aid, left empty coffers and allowed his son to steal public money.

This is the story any potential UP candidate will face.  

A consistent rumor has it that President Sirleaf facilitated Mr. Weah’s victory in exchange for protection.
This did not stop President Weah from jailing one of Sirleaf’s sons, arrested her former minister of defense and removed from the Supreme Court one of her appointed justices. Therefore there is no more “protection” deal. It sounds more like a conspiracy of silence and blackmail. 

This is where a comprehensive audit of all institutions from 2006-2018 is a national imperative. Liberians deserved time know exactly what happened. UP cannot defend its legacy in the cloud of suspicion. The CDC can then points to the deficits it had inherited from the Sirleaf administration.

The GAC has the statutory mandate to investigate any state institution at anytime and submit its reports to the legislature. And leak it to the public. This is where the incoming senate can play a role. It can and must mandate the GAC to conduct audits and provide funding for the exercise.

Such an audit will give respite to the many professionals who work assiduously and never stole a dime. And maybe it will take a bite at impunity. Honest and dedicated people who served and continue to serve the country irrelevant of who is in power deserve the truth.
A comprehensive audit will set everyone free.

Abdoulaye Dukule

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