University of Liberia, Confucius Institute Celebrate 10 Years Partnership

Monrovia – The University of Liberia (UL) on Tuesday, May 28, celebrated 10 years of partnership with the Confucius Institute at the university’s capital Hill campus in Monrovia.

Report by Jackson F. Kanneh,

The partnership between the two institutions has afforded Liberian students the opportunity to study the Chinese language and culture at the state-run university over the last decade. 

Speaking at the celebration, UL president Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks lauded the People’s Republic of China for their contribution in uplifting the university. 

Among many things, the UL president highlighted the construction of the UL Fendell Campus by the Chinese government as key in improving learning condition at the nation’s high institution of learning. 

Dr. Weeks describes the partnership between the Confucius Institute and UL as cardinal in the development of UL students. 

“Confucius Institute has provided opportunities for many of our students here. They have given so many of our students the opportunity to acquire foreign study in China and as a result, [they] returned home and help to improve this university,” she noted. 

She added that the UL recognizes the work of Confucius Institute as a great important to the country. 

She, however, assured The Confucius Institute’s faculty of the UL administration’s  willingness to expand a learning module that was started by Confucius Institute. 

“The Chinese culture is unique and we hope in time that Confucius Institute will expand in term of learning competition at this university,” Dr. Weeks stated. 

For his part, Chinese Ambassador accredited to Liberia FU Jijun said culture and education around the world play a significant part in maintaining world peace. 

Ambassador FU cautioned countries to collectively work together in preserving global peace. 

“Instability and uncertainties are mounting and the global challenges faced by the globe are becoming even more daunting, which called for joint response from countries around the world to meet the common challenges and create a better future for all,” the Chinese diplomat said.

“Education and culture can play a big role for a better world, which is as important as the role played by economy, science and technology.”

The top Chinese diplomat Salso used the occasion to called on Liberians to do away with things that will Jeopardize the hard-earned peace the country is currently experiencing. 

According to him, dialogue is the best way forward in maintaining post war peace. 

“I appeal to the government of Liberia, political parties, NGOs and all Liberian people to cherish your hard-earned fragile peace, to respect and trust each other, to make concerted efforts for safeguarding peace,” he said.

“To solve your differences through dialogue and constructive engagement and to wisely use tour strength and money for creating a secure society which people can live in free without fear for violence.”

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