Sayonkon Foundation Distributes Assorted Supplies To Schools

Monrovia – A US-based philanthropic organization has concluded the distribution of educational and sporting materials to the Nazarene Academy, Calvary Chapel Mission School and Antioch Baptist Christian School in Montserrado and United Inland Academy Elementary and Junior High School in Harbel, Margibi Counties.

More than 500 backpacks (or book bags), 200 shin guards, 300 footballs plus boots were donated by the New Balance and Global Premier Soccer in Massachusetts respectively to the Teddy Sayonkon Foundation for onward distribution in Liberia.

An assorted education supply, including note books, erasers, pencils and pens plus feet wears and clothes, was also distributed to the schools.

Teddy Sayonkon, the foundation’s chief executive officer, said it was his continuous way of identifying with students, who have the anxiety to achieve their dreams but can’t do so due to the lack of basic materials.

“I think the difference [in this year’s contribution and distribution] is that we were able to incorporate more people. It attracts the foundation more than ever before because we can give backpacks to people. We can give soccer balls and school supplies because you know in Liberia, a lot of people love soccer.

“That is one of our favorite sports. So when we gave soccer balls, shin guards and scholarships, it is just a plus. So with the addition of New Balance and Global Premier Soccer, it just makes all the schools that we donated to unique. So we are expanding,” Sayonkon divulged.

He stressed that Liberians need to make a change in the life of one another if Liberia must move to another level. Sayonkon said Liberia will be a better place in time to come if Liberians in the diaspora will follow his example.

“This year we covered four schools and I am not stopping here. I am hoping to go to the ELWA Hospital to donate to baby mamas because I got a lot of babies’ clothes. I will also go to Gbarpolu County or send a representative to donate two barrels there. So we got a lot of stuffs to divide from now to Friday [April 1],” said Sayonkon.

The Principal of one of the newest beneficiaries, Benjamin G. Philips of the Calvary Chapel Mission School, was understandably delighted.

“This school was established 1997 in September and since then this is our first donation we have ever received. Not even the government has given us any form of subsidy. This is the first time such a donation has taken place at our school,” said Philips, who oversees 650 students.

Philips said the donation of the sporting materials will save them a lot of money as the school prepares for the district league.

“This will really help us a lot because we got a very good sporting team here and we need football and shin guards. The money we have to buy these things will be used for another activity. So I am very happy,” he concluded.  

The foundation was established four years ago and has since been identifying with Liberians saved from the Ebola pandemic.

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