Liberian Government Re-indicts Former Passport Director, Issues Writ of Arrest for Him

MONROVIA – Mr. Andrew Wonploe, former Director of Passport, who was recently denied entry into the United States of America due to his alleged involved with passport fraud has been re-indicted by the Government of Liberia.

A Writ of Arrest has been subsequently issued on him.

The Write of Arrest issued on Wednesday also enlist 12 persons in connection to the passport fraud.

The fraud, according to the Writ deprived the Liberian government over US$30,000.

The writ comes in a wake of a new indictment drawn by Ministry of Justice against the defendants.

Wonplo was previously arrested in August 2019 for allegedly selling Liberian passports to Nigerians, Ivorian’s and Ghanaians.

The new indictment revealed that from 2018-2019, Wonplo received 4,250 blank passports for signatures and legitimate issuance.

While in possession of the blank passports, Defendant Wonplo allegedly connived with Adedoyin Atiroko, Worjloh David Nippy, James Fallah, Johnson Anderson, Nmegatin Konneh and others to sell those passports.

The new indictment says there was email exchanges between Defendant Wonplo and other for the alleged sale of passports.

Other defendants include, Faruk Kamara, Rannie Binda, William Reeves and have all been Charged with the commission Of Economy Sabotage, Theft Of Property, Forgery and Criminal Conspiracy.

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