Liberia: MOVEE National Women League Condemns Attack On Amb. Kemayah and Political Leader

MONROVIA – The Women League of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has condemned allegations of rape against its political leader, Amb. Dee Maxwell Saah Kemeyah, noting that the allegation is coming from individuals who are opposed to his nomination as Foreign Minister.

According to MOVEE’s women league, Mr. Kemayah has been a patriotic and dedicated national leader who has worked and continues to work for the good of Liberia.

“We are convened when confirm, Ambassador Kemayah will unconditionally discharge and effectively champion the shared foreign policy vision of His Excellency President Weah for the benefit of mama Liberia,” the women stated.

They also took exception to the new trend of politics of maligning of people’s character because of political preference for a public position.

MOVEE’s Women League: “We believe that such a practice is not only dangerous to our democracy but also seriously undermines the presidency. When the President makes a decision through nomination and a few handfuls of people for selfish reason clique to impugn on the person’s character and reputation is unfortunate and it needs to stop immediately.

“We are aware that long before his nomination as Liberia’s Foreign Minister designate, when it was speculated that President George Weah was considering Ambassador Kemayah for the top job of Minister of Foreign Affairs, a few detractors unleashed storms of failed attacks to hunt him down into disfavor with the President.”

They noted that Ms. Wynee Cummings Wilson’s allegation that approximately nine months ago on the evening of January 8, 2020, Ambassador Kemayah sexually harassed her, leaves rational people wondering why she kept quiet until the very day when Ambassador Kemayah was nominated as Foreign Minister designate before emailing him on her purported sexual harassment.

According to Ms. Wilson, Ambassador Kemayah asked her several times for kiss that she refused but suffered shock and emotional trauma that caused her to have a grand mal seizure which left her unconscious for three days. She said the incident kept her away from work for almost a month due to physical, emotional and psychological trauma.

 Her allegation, according to the women group, appears mischievous and a strategy of a syndicate formatted purposely to besmear Amb. Kemayah’s character because this is not in the nature of our political leader.

“We know him as a family man and statesman who has worked in the private, public & International arena with distinction and credibility. For more than 28 years wealthy of professional experience; Ambassador Kemayah has never done this; as it is absolutely not his nature & character.

“We therefore advise those behind this smear campaign to desist, or else we will soon begin naming and shaming so that President Weah and the Liberian people will know those in the habit of questioning his judgment.”

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