Foundation for Human Rights Defense Liberia Commends Government for Steps Toward the Fight Against the Crime of Rape

MONROVIA –  The Foundation for Human Rights Defense (FOHRD)-Liberia is commending President George Manneh Weah and the entire Liberian Government for the bold steps taken so far toward the fight against the increase in the wave of rape in Liberia.

FOHRD believes that the recent giant step taken by the Liberian Government in an effort to curb this menace and other associated vices, by declaring rape a “national emergency”, is in the right direction.

While we call for further concerted actions from everyone, including parents, guardians, neighbors, the community, as well as from traditional and religious leaders, we also believe that the establishment of an Independent National Anti-Rape Commission is the best option towards this fight.

This commission must have included in its terms of reference, among other tasks, the organization of logistical, financial and human resources for the purpose of assisting victims of rape in the legal process to insure that perpetrators do not go unpunished.

Meanwhile, FOHRD-Liberia commends the Government and people of the United States of America for the decision to place a United States entry ban on the former Director of Passports and Visas of the Republic of Liberia, his wife and their minor children  for his involvement in “significant corruption”.

FOHRD is calling for more actions of similar proportion, not only by the American Government, but also by other friendly governments to be instituted against corrupt public officials who exhibit wanton disregard for public trust and integrity.

FOHRD views the action of the American Government as very significant in the fight against corruption and the collaborative efforts of international partners to reduce poverty and protect human rights.


The Foundation for Human Rights Defense (FORHD) works to promote equal rights and justice in Liberia. FORHD documents and publishes on cases of religious, political and other discriminations and demands freedom and justice for all.

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