Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia Declare Citizen Arrest for Solicitor General Syrenius Cephas

MONROVIA — The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, (EFFL) Thursday announced a citizen’s arrest for Sayma Syrenius Cephas for his reported involvement in ritualistic killings in Liberia.

The group’s call comes weeks after the former manager of the Liberia Airport Authority, Ellen Corkrum, accused the country’s solicitor general of being involved in the killings of young virgins for ritualistic purposes.

Corkrum accused Cllr. Cephas of taking her to a native doctor at the Liberia-Guinean border, where he encouraged her to sacrifice virgins as was requested by the native doctor.

Cllr. Cephas, however, rejected the allegations and termed it as a ploy by politicians to tarnish his reputation.

But at a news conference in Monrovia, the Commander-in-Chief of the EFFL, Emmanuel Gonquoi, said it was sad that Cllr Cephas, who represents the legal interests of the State, is being accused of killing virgins for ritual purposes in the country and yet Justice Minister Musa Dean is coy on the allegations.

He accused the justice minister of being selective in adjudicating cases, particularly when it involves members of the ruling establisment.

“It’s not an issue when it surrounds an official of government, but if this were not opposition politician by now he has been invited for questioning,” Gonquoi said.

Gonquoi believes citizens should unite and arrest Cllr. Cephas so that he can answer to questions about his reported involvement in acts of ritualistic activities in the country.

“We hereby announce citizens arrest for Cllr. Cyrinus Cephas. By now he should be behind bars pending investigation, because the security forces don’t have the manpower to arrest him, we will assist them to arrest Cllr. Cephas, he can not be accused of killing innocent people and girls in Liberia and roaming around the place without facing investigation.

“The allegations levied against Cllr. Cephas of ritualistic killings are grave and need serious investigations, he said.

“When you listen to the radio stations or the view the social media there are news of mysterious disappearances of people and secrete killings. What will Cllr. Cephas who is being accused of ritualistic killings tell a defendant being caught by the State and should be investigated by the same Cephas?

He, however, expressed disappointment in President George Weah for retaining Cllr. Cephas amid allegations of his involvement in ritualistic activities when the evidence is glaring. “Because he’s part of the team that is looting the State, he rooming the streets without any court action”.

He criticised women advocacy groups and the religious leaders in the for not speaking on the the matter.

“It is unbelievable that the Justice Ministry, women groups and other civil society group will not take a center stage in this one,” he said.

“We can not live in our country where some are considered animals while others including Cllr. Cephas are being accused and noone wants to question him, we want to say to the religious community and women groups in our society that if you want peace in our country, you need to stand up against what is happening in our country, we want Cllr. Cephas investigated,” he noted

In another development, Gonquoi has criticized the Government of Liberia for reportedly using millions of dollars on lobby in the United States while students in Liberia are learning under deplorable condition and teachers are not being paid.

“You cannot take millions of dollars to the United States of America to lobby when teachers are not paid and students don’t have chairs to sit on, only useless government does that, so please stop spending our high earned money to lobby,” he said.

He urged government to stop looking for favor and stand strong and improve the economy. “Only your action as government can lobby for you, so stop spoiling our resources to lobby.”

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