Govt Commends ‘Jeety’ for Humanitarian Gestures in Liberia

Monrovia – The government of Liberia has praised the renowned Indian businessman in Liberia Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, commonly known as “Jetty” for his humanitarian role he continues to play in the developmental process of Liberia.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MICAT) Thursday, the Deputy Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information Jarlawah Tonpo disclosed that the Indian businessman has embarked on giving the infamous South Beach prison facility a facelift to enable convicts and prison staff have a conducive environment.

“The government wishes to commend Mr. Jetty for his humanitarian gesture towards the national prison facility in Monrovia called South Beach,” Deputy Minister Tonpo disclosed.

According to reports, the issue of water is a serious problem for many prison facilities around the country and the South Beach Prison Compound is no exception.

Speaking further, the Deputy Information Minister Tonpo said within the shortest of time the South Beach Prison facility will get water running to every parts of the compound.

“Jetty as an individual businessman is currently carrying on technical works at the prison facility to enable the facility to have running water at the soonest possible time,” Deputy Minister Tonpo said.

Last year, during the start of the deadly COVID-19 Jetty, along with his Jeety Trading Corporation, the name of his business empire, began the distribution of hot-cooked meal to the old folks and that of disadvantaged youths in Central Monrovia.

His free food initiative started soon after the 3pm curfew or lockdown went into effect.

On several occasions, Jetty was seen serving the old folks and disadvantaged youths with hit cooked meals.

Deputy Minister Tonpo says the government has recognized the impact of his free food to segments of the population.

“Besides the running water, Jetty is also providing daily meals for the old folks and the disadvantaged youths. This is a welcoming gesture and we (the government) must appreciate Mr. Jetty for his initiatives,” Deputy Minister Tonpo said.

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