Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary Celebrates 20 AMPS Solar Power

Monrovia- It was a joyous day at the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) when scores of students, teachers, and members of the alumni association celebrated the lighting of the school campus from the main gate to various dormitories and offices.

The institution that has been in the dark for years is benefiting from 20 APMS solar power and 28 poles that provide light from the main entrance to every corner of the campus.

The lighting of the LBTS was done through the efforts of its President Dr. Momolu Massaquoi who worked with his working staffs to ensure the school received a US$30,000.00 grant with the intent to provide light for students to study at night.

Dr. Massaquoi, speaking during the lighting of school recently said it has always been his dream to ensure that LBTS live up to the standard of its founding fathers.

He said “Two years ago I was trying to find out about LBTS and I discovered a document that quoted President William R. Tolbert    back in 1964 during a meeting that was held at the Baptist Church in Careysburg. During that meeting Tolbert spoke about the builder of the Constitution targeting the establishment of an institution that will train men and women of the Church.”

“During that meeting,” Dr. Massaquoi said, “President Tolbert disclosed the establishment of a Theological institution that will be the center of theological education in Africa.”

 Dr. Massaquio said since president Tolbert made the statement, the Constitution was instituted but they were not able to established until 1976 when the institution was established.

He said “when I took over as president of the institution, I promise to work hard that the dreams of our fourth fathers come alive by making LBTS the center of theological institutions in Africa.”

 Dr. Massaquio said after his ascendancy as president of LBTS, he had been able to establish strong team that work together for the betterment of the institution.

Explaining reasons behind the lighting of LBTS, he said “in March of 2020, I was walking from my house during the night and the entire campus was very dark then I said to myself what can we do to have this place electrified so believing in our teamwork here, I knew that we can put light on this campus remembering Genesis 11 when the people decided to built the tower of Babel and the Lord himself saw the power oneness.”

Dr. Massaquio said immediately, he called his team together to enable them write a proposal that can send anywhere to raise money that will help electrified whole campus.

 He said the team worked for three days in coordination and get the template of US$50,000 proposal that could light the campus.

Dr. Massaquio said after the proposal was written, he started looking around for grants and they were able to send their proposal in a compilation that that had proposal from across Africa but with the help of God, LBTS was able to benefit US$30,00 to electrified the institution. He thanked Rev. Charles Jones, Area Director Europe, Middle East and Liberia American Baptist International Ministry who also graduated from the institution for his support to LBTS over the years to ensure that LBTS moves forward.

Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, President of the Liberia Baptist in remarks said as the institution gets electrified the school students studying at the institution should ensure that the light of God shine across the world.

He pledged his endless support as a graduate of the institution to ensure that the dream of former president Tolbert comes to reality.

Rev. James Kinsley, LBTS Alumni Association told students at the institution that as the school has been electrified it is time to study and prepare for ministry adding that, “if you miss it here, you will not be able to get it right out there.”

“This is time to build a community of faith, love and oneness,” he advised.  


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