Jurors Rule JFK Hospital Not Liable in Death of Forh’s Daughter

Monrovia – After spending over five hours in deliberation room it was a mournful moment for the Forh family after jurors found the administration of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center not liable for Representative Edward Forh’s daughter death.

Report by Bettie Johnson-Mbayo/bettie.johnson@frontpageafricaonline.com & Kennedy L. Yangian – kennedylyangian@frontpageafricaonline.com

“We have pluralized that the father is the cause of his daughter’s death, it is his sound judgment in trial we don’t go into sentiment.

He is a senior member of the government; they make the policies, which was implemented by the Hospital”- Cllr. Johnny Momo, Defense Lawyer

Judge Yusif Kaba of Civil Law Court A is expected to give his final judgment in the case in the next four days.

Rep. Forh filed a US$25 million lawsuit at the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice for damages of wrongful death against 11 personnel of the JFK including its chief medical officer, Wvannie Scott McDonald.

In his argument, the Montserrado County lawmaker said his daughter died because the nurses and doctor on duty refused to treat her.

Prior to the jury verdict a final argument was held between lawyers and a charge was given by Judge Yusif Kaba.

In the final argument plaintiff lawyer Cllr. Arthur Johnson argued that the late Nakita Forh was an AA degree holder and a Queen of Stella Maris Polytechnic.

“In my hands is the picture of a queen of the Stella Maris Polytechnic; she acquired an AA degree in accounting, the body you see lying on the floor is Nakita Forh.

She was abandoned because of one reason, the people we give responsibility to and the people who are to save the lives of people refused to help her.”

Cllr. Johnson said the judgment of the jurors would decide whether for the John F. Kennedy Medical Center to continue taking lives away negligently.

The plaintiff lawyer argued that the hospital witnesses during their testimonies showed that they guarantee instrument more than lives.

Representative Forh lawyer argued that when the deceased visited the Snapper Hill clinic, she was referred to John F. Kennedy Hospital.

“She was an asthma patient then she was taken to J.F.K because the Snapper Hill Clinic told her dad to hurriedly rush her there when she get seriously ill but the J.F.K denied her.”

He further argued that the testimony of defense witness, Mary Howard Nyanquoi, was “Sheer arrogance because they (nurses) stood there without regret or remorse.”

“This trial has taught me that even after the crises, we don’t repent, this trial is not about money but saving the lives of others that will come, they don’t have respect for people lives.”

“They are negligent health workers, at the night they can be on Facebook and watching movies while people are critically ill.”

Cllr. Johnson continued: “This is the first country in my life that doctor see families running with people and no concern, one day the real cause of their action against Forh will be known because that  was murder committed by JFK.”

The plaintiff lawyer said that all Representative Forh wanted was sorry from the Medical Center. He pleaded with the jury to bring liable verdict against the medical center whereas it will serve as a warning and other lives will be safe.

“The Medical report shows that no temperature was taken so even if the 25 million isn’t awarded to the plaintiff give him one million each so that it will serve as a warning to this negligent medical center.”

Representative Wesseh Blamo of Grand Kru and head of J.F.K Wvannie Scot-McDonald were present at the Court on the final day of hearing the case.

In a counter argument, Cllr. Johnny Momo said the case was not about the issue that Nakita died but the issue in the case is that who the cause of her death is.

“We have pluralized that the father is the cause of his daughter’s death, it is his sound judgment in trial we don’t go into sentiment. He is a senior member of the government; they make the policies, which was implemented by the Hospital.”

He averred:” Forh didn’t say his daughter was refused, all he said he wanted was for his daughter to be serve the asthma pump but we couldn’t because he refused for his daughter to pass through the Ebola Treatment Unit so he left the hospital and said he will manage.

He cannot explain to the family because of his careless decision that caused the death of the girl died because of his arrogance and also she had internal bleeding.”

Cllr. Momo added that the report from the committee set up to investigate JFK after complaints from Hon. Forh is an “Abomination and useless to the Liberia Medical and Dental Council.”

“In life you make the decisions but for him he should have allow his daughter go at the ETU to be tested, if that was done we would not have been here today, which part of this world can someone who is not medical doctor manage someone who is ill, he should be blame for his daughter’s death because he failed to follow instruction.”

Following the verdict Representative Forh said he could not speak to the press as he appeared distressful while leaving the court along with his family.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister for Litigation, Augustine Fayiah, said when the incident occurred it was during the Ebola crises at which time doctors were working under difficult circumstances.

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