Budget Committee Finds Unexplained US$30M Under Education Ministry

Monrovia – Education Minister George Werner has told members of the Legislature Joint Ways, Means and Finance committee that he has no knowledge about US$30.9 million placed in the draft 2017/2018 fiscal year budget directed to the education sector.

Report by Henry Karmo – henry.karmo@frontpageafricaonline.com 

He claimed it was his first time hearing of the amount when he was quizzed by the chairman of the joint committee on Ways, Means and Finance, Prince Moye.

At the beginning of a public hearing on the draft National Budget for the fiscal year 2017/2018, it was discovered that the US$30.9M is donors support to the Country National budget.

The disclaimer by the minister spark concern by committee members leading them to seek clarity from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning team but the team failed to clearly explain the budget =line item referring the committee to Aid management Unit of the Ministry.

“Aid management unit can give us further details some of these aids comes through various modalities. There are some that are executed through various government ministries and agencies and others executed by non-Governmental Agencies but are in the education sector,” the Ministry of Finance stated.

Making his case before the Ways, Means and Finance Committee Werner said, for the period under review, the total of 41,686,749 was allotted.

Of that allotment 61.89% 1.45% in obligation and 0.19% is in commitment while 36.47% is in process to be expanded.

Of the balance recorded in allotment, Basic Salary accounts for thirteen Million representing 90.77% of that balance. This amount is yet to be posted by the MFDP and CSA.

In his further breakdown he said, compensation of the Employees accounted for 34,965,336 representing 84% of the revised budget; used of Goods and services 4,418,058 representing 11% consumption of fixed capital 354,250 representing 1% and grants accounted for 1,949,105 representing 5% of revised budget.

“Considering performance across the categories of expenditure 59.33% of  compensation of Employees has been expended; 92.86 of use of Goods and Services expended; 63.68% of consumption of fixed Capital and 72,33% of grants has been utilized,” Werner added.

Also appearing before the committee were the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and development planning, the University of Liberia and the Booker Washington Institute.

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