‘Privatize JFK’- National Christian Task Force Challenges Performance

Monrovia – A Christian group says the government should close the John F. Kennedy Medical Center if it is unable to run it and should rather invite capable individuals to take over.

“If you can’t run JFK, close it down and invite people who know about hospital to run JFK and save the lives of our people,” says David G. Benitoe, Executive Director of the National Christian Taskforce. “JFK has become a death camp.”

He said the government should privatize the health sector as it is being done with the education sector.

Explaining his ordeal, he said when he took his son to the hospital, he was told by doctors—following medical checkup—that his son illness could be cured by one of three prescriptions.

Though he did not name the prescriptions, he said he was told by doctors to purchase the medication outside of the hospital.

“JFK has become a shame and disgrace for Liberians and the government. If you can’t run it, bring people to help with our health care delivery system just how you have decided to bring people help with our education system.”

Speaking at a news conference at the Winners Chapel Church in Congo Town, the National Christian Task Force executive director announced a planned Nationwide fast and Prayer to pray for the 2017  elections to ask God for Liberia next leader to be a God fearing  person.

“As prophetic people God has spoken to us that this Country needs a God fearing Person to be our next President someone who has not participated in war or support it in any form or manner.”

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