JFK Hospital Releases Communications Linking Goah to Seeking Job

Monrovia – In recent days, Daylue Goah, former Public Relations Officer at the John F. Kennedy Hospital has been making startling revelations about the trend of events at the hospital, sometimes posting pictures of how the hospital abandoned patients that were taken there for treatment, resulting to their deaths.

Goah in some of his many revelations said “Things are horrible at the JFK and we have to speak out, somebody needs to talk for things to change so for them to come after me only for speaking out is something terrifying”.

But the JFK has released chains of emails communication linking the former PRO turned whistleblower to what is seen as a desperate search for job and assistance from the hospital on many occasions.

In the emails, Goah requested the JFK on numerous occasions to help him with travel cost, a new job at the hospital at the same time expressing interest in continuing to work with the hospital upon return from a vacation in the United States of America.

In a communication dated December 11, 2014, Goah informed the JFK management that he had to overstay in the United States where he had gone on vacation because he was quarantined for 21 days and based on the fact that he was working for a medical facility, his monitoring process was vigorous than others.

“As you will see in the attached document, my 21 monitoring period is now over and I am good to go making it possible for me to rearrange my flight for the 26 of December and arrive on the 27 because they are the only flexible dates for flight form this end to Liberia”, Goah stated.

In a March 25, 2015 email communication addressed to Munah Tarpeh of the JFK, Goah said he was accepted at a medical institution based in Minnesota, the United States of America to do nursing and was seeking a study leave from the hospital to remain in the US and do his nursing program.

Later on April 7, 2015, Goah on his return to Liberia said he was stranded in Brussels and wanted the JFK to help him get ticket to Monrovia.

“Hi Munah, I am currently stranded in Brussels. I have been here for two weeks on my way back to Liberia. Thanks to Dr. Allen who found a place for me until I have my ticket issues resolved. My vacation has turned into a nightmare.”

“My friend said he was finding a cheap ticket for me and he went and bought through humantairn.com. no knowledge that these tickets are only sold to people working with humanitarian organization.”

“I got on a flight from Chicago for a connecting flight from Brussels but the ticket was rejected. Please ask Dr. if there is anyway the office can help get out of here. I tried tuning around on my own but its no more working and I am totally frustrated. Please help. I am only depending on the office now. Please. Daylue.”

Request for job

In August, Goah in another email communication informed the JFK that he was still interested in the job and wanted the hospital’s assurance before returning to Liberia. On August 3, Goah praised the JFK for the level of professionalism.

“I still hold the hospital in high esteem and believe in the professionalism of everyone there. It’s my hope that I will one day come back to Liberia and continue doing what I love best. Public relations I have been following the issues of Edward Forh and this is just my little advice. Do not speak to the press, not even a single line to them it’s a matter of court issue and any comment will burn the ruling”, he stated.

He added: “One way or the other, you will run into journalists. I don’t care how their questions are, don’t any a word. Even if you ay: “I don’t want to comment”, it’s considered a comment.

 Let’s get few friendly faces in the media that we can work with and let them write independent lines about the situation. I am willing to help from my end through the social media if you want me to. I am due in Liberia in two months and I can do anything for JFK.

On August 5, 2015, Goah wrote: “Munah, can you please help me tell Dr. that I am still interested in the job at the hospital. I can come back anytime to serve. I fell so much passion for it. Please let me know what she says”.

On August 11, Goah again wrote informing the JFK that he read some information for which he accused Henry Costa and Urey support team for propagating against the JFK and requested information to fight back.

“Hi Munah I need some info real quick to do a personal reaction on allegation against Dr. on the social media by henry costa and the Urey support. They are posing her pictures that she was hurriedly flown out of Liberia to seek medical surgery. Any info I can play with?”, Goah requested.

Goah even said because of his love for JFK,` he built a website for the hospital to help track doctors available for duty, direct patients and provide other information and said he only wanted the hospital to pay for hosting the website at the cost of US$300 monthly.

Goah who is currently in the United States said he was sacked from his job after making revelations about the JFK. ‘Sorry.

Hours after one of appearances on the popular Costa talk show Goah said when he arrived at work, his boss with whom he had enjoyed excellent relationship was on the telephone for a long period and afterwards walked to him and said, “I am sorry, I have to let you go”.

Mr. Goah told FPA via telephone from the United States that he is terrified by the unexpected decision of his boss who is a Liberian.

According to him his boss, Mr. Peter Plygeah might be working on the demands of some higher ups from Liberia who want to see him suffer in the United States and now says he is also concerned about the safety of his family back in Liberia.

Responding to the JFK reaction to his revelations Goah said “Fellow Liberians, the shameless and wicked management of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (Just For Killing) has rolled out an expensive damage control project costing the hospital a whopping US$20,000. An amount that can purchase a brand new dialysis machine to treat people with kidney failure”.

He continued “They hired a journalist, another consultant called James Paykue, from the State broadcaster ELBC to spearhead this feeble project for them.

Mr. Paykue is distributing the money among journalists so that they can defend JFK against the Liberian people. So don’t be surprised when you hear talk show hosts and newspaper reporters attacking us who are exposing the wickedness and corruption at JFK”.

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