Liberty Party Executive Committee Cautions Political Leader over Flawed CPP Transition Process, Breach of Framework Document

Monrovia – The National Executive Committee of Liberty Party has termed as a shock flyers on social media indicating that the party will be turning over the leadership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to Unity Party on Friday, October 15.

Friday’s program is expected to be held at Unity Party’s headquarters in Congo Town, FrontPage Africa has gathered, but Liberty Party in a press release issued on October 12, under the signatures of its secretary general and chairman to its political leader Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, said such transition should be held at the headquarters of the constituent party that is relinquishing authority and not at the headquarters of the incoming constituent party in line with Article 9.3 (3) of the CPP Framework Document.

Liberty Party, however, failed to state the clause of the Framework Document that justifies its argument about a procedural breach.

Secretary General Martin Saye Kollah and Chairman Musa Bility, meanwhile, made specific reference to the case of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) transitioning to the Liberty Party where the program was held at the headquarters of the ANC.

Kollah and Bility said it was against such tradition and procedures that Liberty Party and the CPP Secretary General wrote the Unity Party on the 13th of September 2021, through its secretary general informing UP of Liberty Party’s readiness to transition and requesting the commencement of transitioning meetings.

“The Unity Party replied and said that on the issue of the transition of authority the party will work with you Madam political leader to inform us on the tradition and procedures, ignoring the fact that the transition is between parties and not individuals,” Liberty Party claimed.

The Liberty Party said such process was initiated by the setting up of a transitional activity before the official turnover ceremony. “It is done in this manner because the transition is not just an event, but a process that includes turning over relevant documents, removing CPP billboards and flags of the party taking over,” the party says.

The Liberty Party further said its communication to Unity Party was clear that the turnover ceremony was the final part of the tradition and, as such, the date for the ceremony needed to be discussed and agreed upon at the transition meeting, but the party said contrary there has been no transition committee set up as requested by the party.

Liberty Party, meanwhile, wonders why the Unity Party would schedule such the turnover program amid all these procedural breach. “These are the facts that contradict the tradition and procedures for the transition of authority. It’s our hope that you will correct this action and engage the Liberty Party National Executive Committee to discuss the party turnover in like of moving on with your plan as indicated by Unity Party in its response to the Liberty Party communication on transition,” the party said to Karngar-Lawrence.

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