Liberia: Social Media Talk Show Host ‘Prophet Key’ Denies Speculation of His Pending Deportation By The Moroccan Government

Monrovia — Popular Liberian talkshow host Prophet Key has denied being deported from Morocco, terming the allegations as “an irresponsible lie”.

Rumors of Prophet Key’s alleged deportation from Morocco, where he had been for over six years broadcasting via his Facebook page, have been making rounds on social media since he announced his arrival last month in an unknown African country.

On Friday, Henry Costa, another talkshow host based in the United States of America, posted on his Facebook page claiming that Prophet Key has left Morocco for an unknown African country after the Moroccan government asked him to leave Morocco or face deportation.

Costa also accused President George Weah of being behind the deportation of Prophet Key.

Costa posted: “The Moroccan government, a few weeks ago, ordered Prophet Key to leave their country or face deportation. He chose the option to leave voluntarily. He’s currently in another African country. I will not name that country for his safety. Please pray for him and his family. Weah might be behind this.”

Joshua Flomo, a resident of Shoe Factory in Monrovia, also raised concern about the whereabouts of Prophet Key when he posted on his Facebook page Saturday. “I am worried about the whereabouts and safety of Prophet Key amid all the reports about his deportation from Morocco,” he said. 

Another person posted on Facebook: “Since one month now Prophet Key has been off the social media and is making me to believe that he has been deported from Morocco.”

“If  you say that President Weah is behind this as being claimed by you; That means our president is very influential  and his influence isn’t restricted to Liberia . Therefore, it is a caveat to you, too, Henry Costa,” Someone reacted to Costa’s post on Prophet Key.

But Prophet Key, however, told FrontPageAfrica Saturday there is no truth to these allegations. “I haven’t been deported from Morocco. I am enjoying my break in one African country which I can’t disclose for security reasons. Those spreading news about my deportation are agents of the Weah-led who feel threatened by my critical stance against the president,” Prophet Key said.

Responding to the claims by Costa, who himself has come under scrutiny following a post he did about a meeting in Washington DC, Prophet Key said Costa’s post on him being deported from Morocco is “a calculated ploy” meant to divert the ongoing debate surrounding his “Washington meeting”.

“Costa is a very smart pekin who wants to divert the current debate about him visiting the Pentagon in Washington DC,”. I strongly feel his post about me was in reaction to my earlier post I did about his fake visit to the Pentagon,” Prophet Key said.

Prophet Key claimed that Costa has developed envy for him since he began his talkshow via social media.

Prophet Key and Costa have developed a strained relationship in recent weeks. Few weeks ago, Costa announced on his platform that he had broken ranks with Prophet Key for publicly abusing his mom. 

The pair Thursday renewed their spat when Prophet Key posted on his Facebook page terming Costa’s “Washington meeting” as fake and was an April fool’s prank. “Costa is fake. Taking photos in front the Pentagon doesn’t necessarily mean you had a meeting in the Pentagon,” Prophet Key said.

And in an apparent response, Costa posted that Prophet Key had been ordered to leave Morocco or face deportation.

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