Liberia: Liberia: Bomi Senator Snowe Defends His Territory against Senator Dillon, Karngar Lawrence’s Married Camp ‘Safari’ Campaign Rants

MONROVIA – Bomi County Senator, Edwin Snowe, has reacted sharply to his counterpart, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado, describing his advocacy for internet in Bomi County as pretentious while at the same time outlining that, hundreds of thousands of citizens in rural Montserrado lack basic needs including internet.

“A whole concession, no internet service; with this population no internet here? We got to raise that argument in the Senate. In this modern day and age, people living in a concession area and the concession there can’t even fight to bring internet? It’s painful,” Dillon said.

Senators Dillon and the political leader of the Liberty Party, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence had gone to Married Camp, Bomi County District 1 to campaign for Charles Brown for the upcoming by-election.

Senator Dillon accused Senator Snowe of working for President George Weah with the purpose of receiving money from the President for personal gains.

“The woman Snowe bringing to y’all, don’t vote for her. He’s my colleague who is fighting for his pocket and George Weah’s interest. If your put that lady there, she will listen to Snowe they will be at Jamaica Resort.  If your put Charles Brown there, y’all will increase our number to fight for your,” he said.

The Montserrado County Senator lamented that the Bomi County does not have internet and telecommunication services – something he said he and his preferred candidate would work together in advocating at the Senate for the people of Bomi County.

But Senator Snowe did not take Dillon’s comments lightly. He urged Senator Dillon not be “an event advocate”. “How can you pretend to advocate for my citizens to get internet facilities in Bomi when our people in Rural Montserrado County, such as Todee are without internet and other basic needs?” Sen. Snowe reacted.

Senator Snowe stated that he was not elected Senator of Bomi to be an enemy to President Weah or stand in the way of the government he is a part of nor stand in the way of progress. “The success of our Country depends on everyone of us, collectively,” he said.

According to him, he has always advocated for his citizens in the plantation and the entire Bomi County. He noted that through his advocacy, 70 persons who served as for more than three years were fully employed on the plantation; the employment of a Liberian as the Human Resource Officer and many others to managerial positions; the construction of latrine facilities across the plantation; construction of cafeteria on the company’s central school campus, among others.

Snowe: “As Senator, I advocated and stopped the Management of the Company’s decision to prevent children from surrounding communities from enrolling in their School System;

“I advocated recently that the Mano Concession should be brought to the Liberian Senate for  scrutiny and approval, and in addition, complained about an illegal mining operation in Mambo Camp#2 that is undermining our citizens’ livelihood, among others.

“In Bomi County, I am on record for advocating and lobbying for the extension of GSM connectivity and internet facilities in rural communities.”

Senator Snowe further boasted that his association with President Weah could be a major boost for his preferred candidate in the upcoming by-election due to the President’s good gesture towards to the people of Bomi County.

Snowe: “Your attributes about me and the President have led the citizens of Gbah and the Plantation to embark on more endorsements for my Candidate. That will be on separate dates and locations beginning tomorrow. They are aware that His Excellency and Madam First Lady just made a huge donation to Bomi’s health sector.

“They’re aware of the container of books and Secretariat equipment that I brought in from the US for distribution. All 10 high schools in Bomi recently received from me as Senator 10 computers, 10 printers, 10 generators and assorted school supplies.

“They see the newly constructed multipurpose building that I constructed from my pocket, maybe your candidate should have taken you and yours truly for a tour. Its sad that your candidate didn’t tell you that they know me as “Talk and Do” and not an empty, fake talker. Next time you’re in Bomi, please visit Tubmanburg like you briefly did yesterday and see the massive clean up camping we’ve joined the acting City leadership to embark on, or please stop by the Liberian Government Hospital and talk to the wonderful staff there about our work.”

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