LIBERIA: The Urey Mystique In The Opposition Collaboration

THE Coalition of Political Parties (CPP’s) fractious political marriage has approached the breaking point on several occasions over the all-important question of who the standard-bearer will be against President George Weah in 2023.

SOMETIMES it has been a clash of personalities, as successful businessman and ANC head Alexander Cummings butted heads with less successful businessman and ALP head Benoni Urey demonstrated when they feuded in February.

ON OTHER OCCASIONS, Differing priorities have produced tensions. The crux of the issue, however, is who can secure the mandate to run against Weah. And it seems that some would-be candidates need to get over their delusions of grandeur, and quickly, if the CPP is to achieve unity in time.

THOUGH PAIRINGS have gone in and out of fashion on social media over recent months, the race for standard-bearer now appears to be between Former Vice President Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party and Alexander Cummings.

THE LEAST LIKELY of the four options, All Liberia Party’s Benoni Urey, appears be trying to gauge which frog is most likely to carry him across the river to the Executive Mansion, or perhaps to a prestigious position in a new government.

UREY HAD PUBLICLY held that Joseph Boakai is his candidate, as long as the former Vice President was the presumptive standard-bearer.

AMID A STRONG challenge from Cummings, however, Urey has maintained a telling silence, even as his friends and colleagues began declaring for Cummings and the ANC. He’s not yet ready to jump ship, but he has also failed to defend his supposed first choice for president.

MEANWHILE, despite publicly arguing with Cummings, Urey is quietly making it clear his options are open.

IT IS NO SECRET that Urey got his start in politics and in business on Charles Taylor’s coattails. On his own, he has failed to make much headway.

DESPITE HIS BOASTS that he could beat any of the candidates for president in the first round, Urey suffered a humiliating defeat in 2017. It was proof he needs a strong elder to follow to be successful.

THOUGH BOAKAI certainly offers age and experience, signs of strength have been scarce. If he does turn to another option, that individual would be wise to remember how quickly Urey abandoned his previous benefactors.

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