As Another Tragedy Strikes Liberia, State Representative Naquetta Ricks And Leaders Of The Colorado Liberian Community Appeal For Assistance

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in Liberia, the United Liberia organization of Colorado, in collaboration with the African Chambers of Colorado, crying for help to send supplies to Monrovia, Liberia.

The United Liberia Organization of Colorado, led by Liberian-born American philanthropist Ebenezer Norman and the African Chamber of Commerce led by Colorado state representative Naquetta Ricks, reached a deal with the world’s largest distributor of medical resources — Project Cure, Colorado.

Project cure has agreed to donate two containers with a shipment of medical supplies to Monrovia but has tasked the leadership of the United Liberia Organization of Colorado in collaboration with the African Chambers of Colorado to seek funds to cater for the shipping fees from Denver, Colorado to Monrovia, Liberia

The President of the Liberia Organization of Colorado, in a statement, said

“The effects of COVID-19 are horrendous worldwide, and with the lack of adequate health care infrastructure in Liberia, COVID could dismantle the entire country. Liberia is a developing country in West Africa, which is still recuperating from the effects of the Ebola virus, and now faces another worldwide pandemic, putting its health infrastructure in disarray.”

The President further stated that $50,000 is required for the supplies to be sent to Monrovia and he thus appeals to philanthropists and the general public to charitably support its mission and come to the help of the People of Liberia.

Colorado state Representative Naquetta Ricks, a Liberian born also added that “Liberia’s COVID threat hits ‘new level’ as Delta variant spreads throughout the country “ she appeals to the people of Colorado to help save lives in Liberia.

The United Liberia Organization of Colorado is a community base 501c 3 Non-profit organization that caters to the needs of Liberians in the State of Colorado.

ULOC’s mission is to provide social services to immigrants and refugees in the areas of education, housing, health, employment, and other social initiatives.

The African Chamber of Commerce of Colorado, USA’s mission is to encourage economic growth, collaboration, and investments in African Immigrant communities of Colorado.

For more information, contact the

ULOC President Ebenezer Norman, via his email or his office line 720-345-8347

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