Liberia: US$ 311, 000 Clinic Construction Commences in Gbarnga

Gbarnga, Bong County – Dennis Garsinii, a native of Bong County, has begun the construction of a clinic in Gbarnga. The more than 20 bedroom clinic will help provide improved health care services for residents of Bong County.

He said the gesture was to complement effort of the government in the health sector.

At the groundbreaking ceremony Sunday, Garsinii said his family considers health as an important aspect of human existence, a factor he said that is driving the construction of the clinic.

He said the facility will provide advanced medical services for patients through “telemedicine”, where doctors and nurses from the United States of America will deliver both online and in person services to patients at the facility.

Garsinii put the cost of the project and other additions at $ 311, 000 United States dollars.

He called on contractor to implement the project as planned to help serve the population of Bong County.

The groundbreaking ceremony was graced by locals and prominent citizens of Bong County. Making remarks, a prominent son of Bong County, Sampson Tornolah Varpilah, for his farsightedness in building a clinic in Bong County.

Varpilah hailed Garsinii for always making donations of essential medical supplies to medical institutions in the county as a person residing in the United States of America.

“Your contributions to the health sector of the county is unmatched. You have contributed more to medical institutions in the county than any Bong County citizen citizen residing in the United States of America. You have done a great job,” he says.

“What you have done in Bong County will be remembered by everyone. During the height of the Ebola crisis in Liberia, you donated a consignment of medical supply to almost all of the health institutions in Bong County. And also, you did same during the Covid-19 period.”

Locals who attended the program were full of praise for Garsinii, describing him as “a blessing to the people of Bong County”.

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